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The 32-Year-Old Who Refuses to Fake an Orgasm

I'm very excited because I've always gotten crappy gifts from my exes: One year, I got pots and pans; another, a vacuum cleaner. This bag is pretty small, so I know it can't be kitchen items. And I'm in luck! It's a pair of beautiful gold earrings

Roomba Poop Story Goes Viral After Vacuum Cleaner Goes Wrong: One Man's Dumpy Morning

An Arkansas man woke up to a horrible scene earlier this month and found that his robotic, automatic vacuum cleaner had managed to spread dog poop all throughout his house. Writing in a Facebook post last week that has since gone viral, Jesse Newton 

ASMR and 'head orgasms': what's the science behind it?

The stimuli, however, is not visual but sounds - sea waves sometimes, but mostly things like hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, and the like. And, no, it's not about vibration from those things because sound recordings of these things work


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Now usually when talking about jerking off or ejaculating, “getting an eyeful” is not a pleasant experience. We will forgo the painful reminders of past experiences and just jump in…. or should I say slide in. I have wanted a Fleshjack for ages. Holy shit I couldn’t wait to get home. But deep, and I mean deep down inside I could not wait to get home. Now being that I am a bottom you would think that this would be an ironic reaction to this product but I say «au contraire mes amis» some days, well most days, it is just too much work to get out the dildo and vibrator when you just want to get... My expectations were that the Fleshjack was just the tool for the job. When I got home I jumped right into bed and whipped out the Fleshlube™ Water (4 oz) bottle and got to work. I had not always been a fan of water based lubes but in this case my world was being rocked…and rocked hard. Aside from the fact that you need to use water based lube with the Fleshjack , Fleshlube provides the right amount of slip and grip. Then the head of my cock hit the ridges, valleys of the sleeve and then the entire tunnel just sucked my entire shaft right up and my eyes were rolling in my head like the “Cherries and Sevens” on a Vegas Slot Machine.

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Vacuum Cleaner Orgasm, Free Home Made Porn f5: xHamster ru
I want a girl to use a vacuum cleaner to suck all my cum out untill I beg to stop :)

Vacuum Cleaner Orgasm, Free Home Made Porn f5: xHamster
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Get your PC to give you coffee, bacon or even an orgasm.

Get your PC to give you coffee, bacon or even an orgasm.
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ebay hot cleaning appliance / Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Sweep,Vacuum,Mop ...

ebay hot cleaning appliance / Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Sweep,Vacuum,Mop ...
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Homo Mysterious
Homo Mysterious
Published by Oxford University Press 2012
ISBN 9780199910793,0199910790
344 pages

For all that science knows about the living world, notes David P. Barash, there are even more things that we don't know, genuine evolutionary mysteries that perplex the best minds in biology. Paradoxically, many of these mysteries are very close to home, involving some of the most personal aspects of being human. Homo Mysterious examines a number of these evolutionary mysteries, exploring things that we don't yet know about ourselves, laying out the best current hypotheses, and pointing toward insights that scientists are just beginning to glimpse. Why do women experience orgasm? Why do men have a shorter lifespan than women? Why does homosexuality exist? Why does religion exist in virtually every culture? Why do we have a fondness for the arts? Why do we have such large brains? And why...

How Women Got Their Curves and Other Just-so Stories
How Women Got Their Curves and Other Just-so Stories
Published by Columbia University Press 2016
ISBN 0231146647,9780231146647
210 pages

Barash and Lipton discuss the theories scientists have advanced to explain evolutionary enigmas--from how women get their curves to why women menstruate--and present hypotheses of their own.

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The Best All Purpose Cleaner
Ingredients:ammonia, water

Lavender Mint Spray Cleaner Recipe
Ingredients:lavender, vegetable oil, baking soda, vinegar, water

Silver Cleaner
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Dog Ear Cleaner
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Has this boffin in a cow shed dreamt up the world's best vacuum cleaner? Man tipped as next James Dyson on his device that compresses dirt into tiny disposable 'bales'
05/31/14, via Daily Mail

So secretive has the high-powered (in every sense) world of vacuum cleaners become that fear of espionage is rife. Dyson employees must use a fingerprint scanner to enter the building and, even then, access to most research areas is only for a select few.

How long should a vacuum cleaner last?
04/25/14, via

Nilfisk here in Australia have got 5 year warranties even on their midrange stuff like the Power Special (Nilfisk Power Special Vacuum Cleaner (107403537)) which represents pretty good value.

New Sex Toy Means That Vacuuming Doesn't Have To Suck
08/23/07, via Jezebel

A plastic device made to fit on the end of a vacuum cleaner hose that concentrates the airflow to "create a rapid and gentle vibration." And supposedly, using the Vortex enables one to not only climax in 10 seconds, but orgasm over and over again ...

The Furminator!
The Furminator!

So this is the end product of Furminating two dogs. It in itself is a small dog. I think my vacuum cleaner just died of an orgasm because it won't have to pick up as much hair.

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