Garage Trash Can

Harmonious Solutions TB0010 Rough and Rugged Rectangular 34 Gallon Wheeled Black Outdoor Trash...

  • 34-Gallon capacity.
  • Heavyweight blow molded plastic construction...

  • Your Price: $23.73
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"Bangin' On A Trashcan" - Doug's Garage Band | Doug | The Splat

Doug, Skeeter, Porkchop and friends are bangin' on a trash can. Drummin' on a street light. Subscribe: http://bit.

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Teen killed on west side came from broken home, relative says

A Milwaukee teen whose body was found Thursday morning wedged between a garbage can and a garage was "troubled" and came from a disrupted home, a relative said. Travon Overton, 16, was found at about 10:30 a.m. on the 200 block of North 38th 

Bored with retirement, couple starts junk-removal company serving Palm Beach

Archer, and his wife, Toni, take just about everything, from furniture and appliances to trash and construction material. The Wellington couple recently came out of retirement to start Junk King Palm Beach, a franchisee of the company that bills itself

Trash bin storage locations approved

Building and Zoning Administrator Dave Coody said the original ordinance regarding the storage of the refuse containers stated that when the bins were not on the curb, they had to be either placed in the garage or screened and out of site from the road.

Trope Anatomy 101: The Girls Who Deserve to Die

Source: The Book Smugglers

Instead, I’d like to talk about the girls who almost never live to tell the tale, the girls who are deemed unworthy, the girls who deserve to die. Horror has changed in multiple ways over the past forty years, but certain tropes still persist: these types of girls, for instance, the ones who rarely make it. I want to take a closer look at them, not just talk about how they died or list which... I want to create a sort of thought experiment here, in which we re-imagine four movies over four decades from the POV of four specific victims who didn’t survive to see the ending. Instead, I aim to see what kinds of stories the horror genre might be missing by repeatedly killing the same types of young women. I aim to see what sorts of tales might have been told, had our dead girls lived to tell them. It’s a charged word, I know, and generally considered derogatory, as if there’s something wrong with a woman–and it’s almost always applied to a woman, otherwise modified with the gender identifier “man slut”–who has had sex with multiple people,... Horror often has a troubling judgmental streak a mile wide and is quick to cast any woman as a harlot for having the audacity to want or enjoy sex. There is a lot of overlap between categories in this essay, but for the purposes of this particular trope, “the slut” doesn’t just mean women who are merely more sexually active than the final girl (because that’s generally everybody). the trope more directly concerns itself with girls who are so enthusiastic about sex that it’s basically their entire driving motivation. Lynda is sort of the go-to classic example of the sex-obsessed teen: she’s blonde, vapid, and has seemingly no worries except managing a demanding schedule of stereotypical popular teenage girl concerns like dances, hair appointments, cheerleader... She’s portrayed as silly, but unlike Annie (who is a jerk to Laurie, to her father, and to young children), Lynda doesn’t seem like an actively Lynda dies quickly with very little struggle, in sharp contrast to Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis),... The dichotomy of terror between victim and survivor is very apparent in 70’s and 80’s slashers, and did not go unnoted by Carol J. Clover in She is the one who encounters the mutilated bodies of her friends and perceives the full extent of the... whom we see scream, stagger, fall, rise, and scream again. If her friends knew they were about to die only seconds before the event, the Final Girl lives with the knowledge for long minutes or hours. She alone looks death in the face, but she alone also finds the strength either to stay the killer long enough to be rescued (ending A) or to kill him herself (ending B). I don’t particularly like Lynda, but the fact that she enjoys sex shouldn’t... And yet, it’s so rare that the so-called slut character ever gets to go through this process. only mild, unassuming young women are afforded the chance to survive (either as transformed killers themselves, or as battle-scarred survivors who have seen some serious shit). Even in today’s current horror climate where virginity is no longer a requirement for survival, most final girls still reflect the old standby mold. they aren’t the enthusiastic party throwers or flirts, and generally they aren’t portrayed as women who enthusiastically appreciate an upcoming opportunity for an orgasm. The Lyndas of the world don’t last long. The Lyndas of the world don’t outrun the boogeyman. There are certainly multiple ways such a story could play out: obviously, Lynda would have to survive her fateful encounter with the telephone cord, getting away to stumble over her boyfriend’s body. The way I imagine it, Lynda would likely run for help. In a classic final girl story, Michael would have killed Laurie before Lynda could get there, leaving it up to our sole survivor to rescue the kids and stay alive until Dr. Loomis shows up. There is something about Lynda having to protect the... , get that kid out of here so I can have more sex please–but I also worry that such an ending could potentially go to an uncomfortable thematic place, like, all women ought to/will want to take care of kids eventually.

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In agreement Comb An Novelty 32 Gallon Black Round Trash Can TB0007

In agreement Comb An Novelty 32 Gallon Black Round Trash Can TB0007

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $81.10

UCNT1003: Features: -Trash can. -Trim: Round. -Gallon Capacity: 32. -Made in the USA. Product Type: -Commercial trash bin. Gallon Capacity: -32 Gallons. Shape: -In a circle. Color: -Black. Application: -Indoor. Room Use: -Garage. Primary Material: -Plastic. Lid Included: -Yes. Lid Type: -Dome/Open. Dimensions: Overall High point - Top to Bottom: -31.4 Inches. Overall Width - Side to Side: -23.5 Inches. Overall Depth - Front to Back: -23.5 Inches. Overall Effect Weight: -5 Pounds.

Empress Series Open Top Trash Can - Black with Brass Accents

Empress Series Open Top Trash Can - Black with Brass Accents

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $234.38

Comely and elegant, the Monarch Series Open Top Trash Cans turn waste receptacles into design accessories - these are no ordinary trash cans! Crafted with deflate resistant, firesafe steel, this exceptional collection is designed for the eye featuring a bold black finish with brass accents. This trash can looks bad and is built to last. Perfect for hotel lobbies, executive offices, malls, theaters, fine restaurants or coffee shops. Also devoted for the home - ideal for the kitchen or the garage! Because it's ADA compliant, the Monarch Series is a practical choice as well. Constructed with puncture resistant stiletto. 15 gallon capacity. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.


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Turning your old file cabinet into a garage storage ...
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Rubbermaid Roughneck 32 Gal. Black Round Trash Can with ...
Use this Rubbermaid Roughneck Black Trash Can to keep your trash organized and away from your home. Features easy grip handles.

Rat Rod Garage Trash Can | Stuff I think is cool | Pinterest

Rat Rod Garage Trash Can | Stuff I think is cool | Pinterest
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Harley Davidson Garage Trash Can Receptacle 20 gallon

Harley Davidson Garage Trash Can Receptacle 20 gallon
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Trash Can Enclosures / Cart Garage - Recycle Bin, Trash Can Housing ...

Trash Can Enclosures / Cart Garage - Recycle Bin, Trash Can Housing ...
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Google Books

Garage and Workshop Gear Guide
Garage and Workshop Gear Guide
ISBN 1610609395,9781610609395

Fire Safety Aspects of Polymeric Materials
Fire Safety Aspects of Polymeric Materials
Published by National Academies 1977

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Sits next to trash can outside of garage, goes unnoticed by roommate and guest just feet away. #humangarbage


RT @ashleyy_daniels: just because your trash doesn't mean you can't do great things. it's called a garage can not a garbage can't


just because your trash doesn't mean you can't do great things. it's called a garage can not a garbage can't

Cooking recipes

White Trash Hamburger Gravy and Breakfast Biscuits
Ingredients:butter, flour, ground beef, half and half, black pepper, biscuit, salt, whole milk

Tijuana Trash
Ingredients:brown sugar, butter, cayenne, chili powder, crispix cereal, cinnamon, corn syrup, nuts, popped popcorn, tortilla chips

Amazing White Trash Puff Balls
Ingredients:cream cheese, pepperoni, sandwich rolls

Alton Brown's White Trash
Ingredients:cheerios, corn chex, chocolate, rice chex, nuts, pretzels, white chocolate chips

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Ready for Halloween: Haunted garage decor has grown to include hearse, cemetery, more
10/24/16, via Duluth News Tribune

The Haunted Garage, as it has come to be called ... There are worms and cockroaches. A garbage can filled with heads. A fetus in a jar. Most people don’t catch the details that Seitz tucks into corners or hangs on walls, she said. They’re moving ...

Trash Can Radio Overtakes London DAB Stations for New Listeners
10/26/16, via Broadway World

plus a firm understanding with a no nonsense or compromising contribution for today's rebel rousing modern garage and trash scene, Trash Can Radio sticks two fingers up to the establishment of contemporary radio. To hell with rules and corporate formats ...

The junk in your garage could be worth millions
10/27/16, via New York Post

garage. According to the Daily Mail ... What seemed like a much humbler discovery: seven early-20th-century Ty Cobb baseball cards rescued from a trash can down South. They are now said to be worth in the million-dollar range. Then there’s a cache ...

Corner Office
Corner Office

With a tip of the noggin’ topper towards uberllama and ladyllama, here's a slice of my workaday world at Veer headquarters.

Photo by splorp

the studio shoot -- scott richard, santa barbara (1999)
the studio shoot -- scott richard, santa barbara (1999)

recently i was visited and had an opportunity to shoot a bunch of memorabilia shots. the memorabilia is all manner of things from my past -- artistic or photographic -- things i gave to or sent to my mother. my mother has been hugely absent my entire life. but she wants to pretend that this isn't true, and even if it were, she still wants to pretend. i don't get it. pretending is such a strange way to want to live. i can't really see it. it's never made sense to me. she's always mystified me with her life goals and values. but over the years, i've noticed that my mother has this strange and needy habit of doing a "show & tell" presentation every time we see each other. it usually takes up a third of the actual visit. when we lived far apart and rarely saw each other, it seemed more natural. these presentations always consisted of her going through these enormous plastic shopping bags that she would stuff with piles and piles of magazine and...

Photo by torbakhopper

Roughneck bag cinch
Roughneck bag cinch

If you don’t need to use the bag cinch for the trash bag inside the trash can, you can use it to carry a spare bag. With a bag cinch in each handle, you can have two spares ready to go, and two less trips back to the garage!

Photo by Rubbermaid Products