What Is a walking Foot On a sewing Machine

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What is a Walking Foot - Sewing Tips for Beginners

This video shows you what a walking foot is and how you attach it to your sewing machine. Another video from http://www.

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For my first post in the new year, I am very happy to share my first collaborative project with you today with Martingale, Block Buster Series: I Love Churn Dashes . It was fun to be a part of this and I really enjoyed seeing how my fellow 14... In case you were wondering, we don't see each other's ideas or work before the book comes out either. It's amazing to me that it comes out the way it does, each project so individual and re-imagined by each designer. Here's my project, "Little Boy Blue", 48 1/2" x 48 1/2". At first, I thought I would just share this project with you like any other, add some pretty pictures, some commentary, etc. I have been dragging my heels on this post because there is so much more behind what started out to be just a simple little baby quilt. Make no mistake, I love how my project turned out and I really love the book. I can also honestly say at this time last year I had just completed this project in the late night hours before the publisher deadline and truly thought it may be one of my biggest oops. The design was good, the piecing was no problem. It's a nice weekend-sized baby quilt project and would be great in many colorways. I even loved my idea, but along the way, I had so many opportunities to learn from my own process mistakes. Discouraging, a little bit along the way. Things I learned on the way to the finish line:. Pre-wash flannel in hot water and dry on high heat. I had the fabric colors/prints in mind before I actually found them and they turned out to be flannels. I hadn't really worked with flannel a lot before this project so I did some homework. The best advice I found, flannel can shrink a lot and at different rates. Working with flannel is not the time to forego the pre-washing step. Baste, baste, and baste some more. Initially, I planned to quilt this with my walking foot on my domestic machine. Well, the first one was no problem. The second one started to bunch up and pleat as the circles came together. I didn't take into consideration the give of the flannel under my walking foot and the amount of shifting and distorting the flannel was capable of. An let me tell you, it's capable of a lot, even with high-quality flannel fabric. Lesson here, don't take short cuts in basting. Whether you pin, spray or thread baste, take the time to be thorough and do it right. When something isn't going right - STOP. Or should I say, stop, re-evaluate and adjust. The quilting was turning into a hot mess on this and I just kept pushing along, thinking is would somehow work itself out. You can see even in the early picture above, the problem was already beginning. Yeah, well, that got a whole lot worse before I had the good sense to finally stop. I was so discouraged by my own stubbornness in not stopping when I should have, I didn't even take any pictures. You'll have to take my word on this one. Your quilting peeps are one of your best assets and can serve you up equal parts of advice and encouragement. I called my good friend and long-arm quilter, Tracey. I told her my tale of woe and that I was going to give up and start over, considering my looming deadline, could she quilt it in like 10 minutes. She said, "No, bring it over and let's see what we can do. ". She finally convinced me we could pick out the quilting with a seam ripper and recover. I've known her a long time and she's an amazing quilter, but I did not believe her. We spent about an hour together "un-sewing" and then she took it into her capable hands and turned the quilting into something great - this time on the long arm. (So I will only take about 1/8 of the credit for quilting on this project. Let's just say there is more un-quilting to my credit on this one that actual quilting by me in the end. Even the final version didn't finish exactly as planned. Originally, I had designed it to be square but was forced into another design decision when it came time to square it up. Because of the shifting during the quilting, there was no way those corners were going to be square no matter how I trimmed... It solved the corner problem and added to the final design element of the corners mimicking the corners of the Churn Dash block. In this case the outer border is actually the largest Churn Dash and the.

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Originally published: New York: Simon Spotlight Entertainment, 2009.


What is a Walking Foot - Sewing Tips for Beginners
This video shows you what a walking foot is and how you attach it to your sewing machine. Another video from http://www.easysewingforbeginners.com A ...

Walking foot - Wikipedia
A walking foot is a mechanism for ... A sewing machine might have a single walking foot, or two walking feet ... It is not a common sewing machine attachment ...

walking foot sewing machine | eBay
Find great deals on eBay for walking foot sewing machine and leather sewing machine. ... New listing Morse Industrial Strength Sewing machine with walking foot; ...

Sewing Machine Feet:: The Walking Foot

Sewing Machine Feet:: The Walking Foot
Image by www.seasonedhomemaker.com

How to attach a walking foot to your sewing machine – Elizabeth ...

How to attach a walking foot to your sewing machine – Elizabeth ...
Image by elizabethruffing.com

Own this part? Upload a Photo

Own this part? Upload a Photo
Image by www.searspartsdirect.com

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Compound Feed Walking Foot Machines
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Foolproof Machine Quilting
Foolproof Machine Quilting
Published by C&T Publishing Inc 2010
ISBN 9781607050834,1607050838
64 pages

Intimidated by free-motion machine quilting? You don't need it to beautifully machine-quilt your own tops. Well-known teacher Mary Mashuta's classroom-tested methods guarantee quilting success. Mary teaches you to use heavier-weight threads on the top of your machine, rather than in the bobbin, so that all your stitching is done on the right side of the quilt.

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Faux Fur Vest
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When sewing the fur, lengthen the stitch length for best results. If your sewing machine is not equipped with the BERNINA Dual Feed feature use the BERNINA Walking Foot #50. Once the vest is complete, take a needle or seam ripper and slowly pull the tips ...

The Quilter’s Path
01/19/17, via bryanhousequilts.com

In the class Christa shows how to machine quilt tons of fun and easy designs using a walking foot, free-motion, or both! And all this on a domestic sewing machine – no long arm! (Pssst! At the end of this post I’ve got a code for you for 50% off ...

Answers to Your Machine Quilting Challenges – part 2
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Google “sewing machine extension table” to find a wealth of resources ... I stippled all my quilts for a solid year and that’s ok. Start out with walking foot designs and then when you are comfortable move on to free-motion. Just remember, if you ...

LOL... is this an Explore/Scout April Fool's Joke?
LOL... is this an Explore/Scout April Fool's Joke?

1. Shoe shopping really is a tough exercise for Sarah. Years of shunning girlyness really comes back to haunt you when presented with those ridiculously small sandal buckles., 2. While waiting for the train Sarah broke into toe stretches to get ready for the day of walking barefoot. My pedometer averaged 8 miles plus per day. My feet hurt just typing that., 3. Sarah contemplates the questionable choices she's made in life: investing in rare comic book posters instead of the market, eating that truck stop vending machine egg salad sandwich, dating a guy who takes pictures during dinner..., 4. The look I get each time I innocently joke that I may have traded our convention passes for tickets to Six Flags. Sarah has NO sense of humor about those things., 5. "Uh yeah hi, is my stylist in? Great, could you ask her if 'mango cherry breeze' or 'island mist essence' would be better for my hair?", 6. So easy to use, even a bodiless pair of shins and feet can do it! You could...

Photo by colorblindPICASO

Murder! Why is there black grease in my walking foot and what is the best way to remove it all? I can't find stuff about it online am I the only one? What sort of oil should I use on it? I put sewing machine oil in it a few months ago for a squeak...
Murder! Why is there black grease in my walking foot and what is the best way to remove it all? I can't find stuff about it online am I the only one? What sort of oil should I use on it? I put sewing machine oil in it a few months ago for a squeak...

Photo by DanaK~WaterPenny

This foot was made for walking...
This foot was made for walking...

And that's just what she'll do! I finally have a walking foot for my machine! Long story short: Last fall I purchased a (very expensive) walking foot for my machine, a 25 year-old Husqvarna (my high school grad gift!). One week later, my machine died a sad, sorry death. Enter stage right *The Rocketeer*. A Singer 503 purchased for less money than the walking foot for my old machine cost. (And she came with a table!) I love her - and now I can quilt with her! Starting with a dinosaur nine patch --- tomorrow! Happy!

Photo by veloheart