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Threading Guide for Juki DDL-8700 Single Needle machine - ABC Sewing Machine

Threading tutorial for the Juki DDL-8700 Single Needle Machine Feel free to contact us and check out our website at www. abcsewingmachine.

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The best intermediate sewing machine

If you have the basics of sewing down—like how to thread a machine, change a bobbin and a needle, and make simple pillows or clothes—you might want to invest in an intermediate-level machine that can help you progress into more complicated projects

Groz-Beckert to exhibit transparent machines at ITME India 2016

The thread guide, for instance, has been improved for both linear, as well as multi-directional sewing processes, by the double groove in the point. Moreover, the SAN 5.2 has an additional scarf chamfer on the left side, to ensure more secure loop

Vermont holiday events calendar

Learn how to thread/use a sewing machine and create basic stitches to craft holiday gifts. Cost: $58 (materials included). Ages 9-14. Maple Tree . Look for a sandwich board and volunteer to guide you! Saturday, Dec. 31. Retronome: New Year's Eve

Create Your Own Pom Pom Cushion Cover With Zipper

Source: Little White Socks

I was looking online for some inspiration, and I came across this beautiful fabric by Ann Kelle and Robert Kaufman and I knew instantly this needs to be a cushion cover. I'm not one to keep things plain, so I had to add in the pom poms too. You can really customise your cushion cover however you like. you can create your own fabrication, patchwork, or with embroidery. If you have an old cushion you don't like anymore, you can even use that instead of a cushion pad. It doesn't matter if you aren't confident with the sewing machine, most of the stitching is on the inside so it doesn't matter if it's a little wonky. For the front of your cover, add 2" to the height and width (18" x 17" would become 20" x 19"). The extra inches will allow a 1" seam allowance when you're sewing. For the back of your cover, you will need two pieces as a zipper will join the two together. One piece will need to be longer than the other, but both pieces together will need to equal the height of your cover. For example, my larger piece is 11" and smaller is 7" and both equal to 18", which is the height of my cushion. It doesn't matter how you decide to spilt the pieces up, as long as they're equal to the height of your cushion. Once you've decided on your measurements, again add 2" to both the height and width of each piece. Make sure your fabric is ironed before cutting. Using your fabric chalk and ruler, mark out your pieces and cut. For this step, you will only need your front piece. Working on the right side of the fabric (where your print/design is), pin the pom pom trim around the edge of the entire fabric. My trim was exactly an inch wide, so I just lined it up on the edge. Depending on the width of your trim, make sure it sits at your 1" seam allowance, and not over this line. With a large zig-zag stitch, sew the pom pom trim to your fabric. You can be creative with the placement of pom poms, for example, only having it on two sides, just around the corners, or around your entire cushion cover like mine. Take one of your back pieces and on the wrong side of your fabric, find the centre across the width. Line the centre of your zipper to the centre of your fabric and pin once to secure. With your fabric chalk, mark down a notch between the zipper teeth. This will be your guide to position your zipper when you're sewing your pieces together. Don't worry, it will all make sense later on. Remove the zipper. Working with both your back pieces, place them on top of each other with the two right sides facing each other. Line up the bottom edge (make sure you can see your chalk notches), and pin the two pieces in place. Set your machine up with a straight stitch, and sew until you reach your notch. Don't forget your 1" seam allowance. Once you've reach your notch, backtack and change the stitch length to the widest. Continue sewing until you reach the 2nd notch, backtack and then return to the original stitch length. Turn your fabric to the wrong side and open it up, pressing down on your seam. Line up the back of your zipper between the two notches you made. Make sure the zipper teeth are lined up to the seam and hand tack your zipper in place. Keep checking that the zipper teeth are in line while you're sewing. It doesn't matter if your hand tack this isn't perfect as you'll be removing it later on, it's there to help with the next step. Now working with the right side of the fabric, with the zipper foot, sew around the zipper. Make sure you keep the edge of the foot close to the teeth as a guide. Take your time with this step as you don't want to accidentally sew over your zipper or you won't be able to open it. If you're not feeling confident, feel free to do this by hand. With an unpicker or small scissors, remove your hand tacked thread, then carefully unpick the stitching from inside your zipper seam. This is why we needed a larger stitch when we was sewing the two back pieces together. The larger stitch makes it a lot easier to remove the stitching. Remove any loose threads from both sides of the fabric. If you have any tweezers it might make it easier to get hold of those smaller threads. You now have a fully working zipper. If your fabric is a little creased, it's a good time to iron. Place your two pieces, (with the zipper open) right sides facing, and pin to secure.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Threading a Sewing Machine
How To Thread A Sewing Machine . 2. ... Traveling from the spool holder across the top of the machine, look for a minimum of one thread guide.

sewing machine thread guide | eBay
Find great deals on eBay for sewing machine thread guide and sewing machine parts. Shop with confidence.

Fabric-Needle-Thread Guide - Sew it Works
Incorrect threading causes the large majority of sewing machine malfunctions. provides a list of FREE downloadable threading diagrams for many machine models.

Threading A Sewing Machine -Your Steps For Upper Machine Threading

Threading A Sewing Machine -Your Steps For Upper Machine Threading
Image by

Threading Your Sewing Machine | Yesterday's Thimble

Threading Your Sewing Machine | Yesterday's Thimble
Image by

Guide the thread behind thread positioner and place the thread through ...

Guide the thread behind thread positioner and place the thread through ...
Image by

Google Books

The Best of Sewing Machine Fun For Kids
The Best of Sewing Machine Fun For Kids
Published by C&T Publishing Inc 2010
ISBN 9781607050575,1607050579
128 pages

Share the gift of lifelong sewing skills with the children you love.

SINGER Simple Sewing Guide
SINGER Simple Sewing Guide
Published by Creative Publishing Int'l 2016
ISBN 9781616733407,1616733403
112 pages

"Easy reference collection of basic techniques, tips and trade secrets. Illustrated instruction for dozens of techniques, including tips for making the perfect seam, deciphering pattern marks, choosing the best fabrics, applying trims, and more. Includes index"--Provided by publisher.

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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Threading Guide for 5 Thread Overlock (Part 4/5) - ABC Sewing Machine


I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Threading Guide for 5 Thread Overlock (Part 5/5) - ABC Sewing Machine


I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Threading Guide for 5 Thread Overlock (Part 2/5) - ABC Sewing Machine

Cooking recipes

Outstanding Oatmeal Bread for Bread Machine
Ingredients:yeast, butter, powdered milk, honey, rolled oat, salt, water, bread flour

Easy Pizza Dough for Bread Machine
Ingredients:bread flour, yeast, olive oil, salt, semolina, sugar, water

Pizza Dough (For Bread Machine)
Ingredients:bread flour, yeast, olive oil, salt, water

Pizza Crust for Bread Machine
Ingredients:flour, olive oil, salt, semolina flour, water, sugar, yeast

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4 Fun Ways to Use a Fringe Sewing Foot
11/23/16, via

Use the tip of the V to guide the fabric so the loops are perfectly ... embroidery cotton and buttonholes silk are a few of my favorites. Use a thicker thread for a more dramatic effect. Each sewing machine is different, so I suggest you do two things ...

The best intermediate sewing machine
11/14/16, via Engadget

After looking at our Best Sewing Machine for Beginners guide, we narrowed down machines within a $400 ... with automatic needle threading (which is great if your eyes strain to thread through those impossibly tiny needle holes), easy-to-edit stitch width ...

Sewing Tools and Supplies
11/12/16, via

Sewing Machine - This is ... type of curved drafting guide used for creating smaller curves. Box to Hold Your Tools- staying organized is helpful in any crafting situation. So I like to have a box that holds all my thread, tools, chalk, etc.

Song of a Sewing Machine
Song of a Sewing Machine

Oh, the happiest worker of all am I, As my wheel and my needle so merrily fly; With a spool full of thread and a heart full of song, I am ready and willing to work the day long. Oh, faster and faster my glad wheel flies When it catches the light in a young maid’s eyes; The dearest and tenderest girlhood dreams I stitch into gossamer hems and seams. But slower my wheel and softer my song When fairy-like fragments are guided along – I am stitching the dreams most sacred of all Into dear little gowns and a wee silken shawl. - by Constance Woodrow ═════════════════.♥.══════════════════ ♥♥SLurls here♥♥ Structure: chanson d'automne skyloft - vespertine Nellie Office Ladder - Second Spaces Vintage sewing machine - Kuro Workspace - Inspiration Board (old gacha) - tres blah Soiree - Pom Poms (gacha) - tres blah @ The Arcade Dec '14 Workspace - Sewing Form RARE (old gacha) - tres blah Dress Form w/ Dress (old gacha) - Apple Fall ✤Itoguruma [Spinning wheel], Yarn with wooden spool...

Photo by The Obazee ╰༼=ಠਊಠ=༽╯

NYC - Garment District: The Garment Worker by Judith Weller (1984)
NYC - Garment District: The Garment Worker by Judith Weller (1984)

This plaza occupies the Braodway and Seventh Avenue sides of the full-block office building between West 39th and 40th Streets. On the 7th Avenue side, are two tributes to the ares history as the Fashion District, or Garment District. The first, the The Garment Worker (1984), is a life sized bronze sculpture by Judith Weller, depciting an immigrant man at a sewing machine. Weller came to the United States as an exchange student from Tel Aviv in 1957, and in 1978 submitted a 24-inch sculpture of her tailor father to the exhibition of the National Sculpture Society. Someone from the Ladies Garment Workers Union liked it so much they sponsored a larger version. The second is the Fashion Center Business Improvement Kiosk, designed by Pentagram Architectural Services, which was awarded the 1995 Art Commission Award for Public Architecture. Adjacent to the sculpture is a giant needle threading a button. Located on the NE corner of 39th Street and 7th Avenue, this giant needle and...

Photo by Mike GL

Sewing Room - Neutrals
Sewing Room - Neutrals

Nancy Drew's guide to life is a must! blogged

Photo by Cut To Pieces