Mitsubishi Industrial Sewing Machine

Non-Join forces Sewing Presser Foot Industrial Needle Machines

  • White and Non-stick base glides smoothly...

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Mitsubishi DB 189 Industrial Sewing Machine with Victuals Leather, Upholstery, Webbing

The Mitsubishi DB 189 Industrial Sewing Machine with Itemization. Great for sewing leather, upholstery fabric, and nylon webbing.

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20 pk. Realm M Bobbins (18034), (1143SU) for Long-arm & Industrial Machines


Price: $28.99

These M Imposingly Style BOBBINS #18034 are 1 in diameter and 3/8 thick. These Bobbins will fit many Large Bobbin Machines including: Tin Lizzie 18 plumb and TinLizzie 18 LS Models Brother: B1 BOX MACHINE, B745, B746, B747, B791, B792, B797, B798 Consew: 120, 145R, 146RB, 175RB, 199RB, 205RB, 206RB Feiyue: FY5318 Gammill: QUILTERS Nolting's: QUILTMASTERS Juki: DDL-201, DDL-201S, DDL-201H, DDL-560, DNU-241, DNU-1541, LZH-1290 Mitsubishi: CU-865-22, DB-130E22, DB-189-22, DB-199-22, DX-370-20, DX-870, DY-330, DY-337, DY-339, DY-340, DY-349, DY-350, DY-359-22, LT2-180BIT, PB-330, PLK-1210, PLK-1410, PLK-1710, PLK-2520, PV-1000, YU-360-22 Nakajima 280L Rex: 11-155 Crooner: 121C, 121D, 369W, 531B Supreme: T206RB Tacony: C206RB T155RB T1206 Yamata: FY5318


Mitsubishi Thrilling -
The Industrial Sewing Machines Section (ISM) of Mitsubishi Electric France

Industrial Sewing Materiel - Mitsubishi Electric Factory ...
Industrial Sewing Mat ... Machine Tool; Packaging; Renewable ... Mitsubishi Electric sewing equipment is an industry leader in apparel automation.

Products - Mitsubishi Electrifying
INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINES. Serene; About us; Applications; ... Home > Products. Products. Accessories. Many possible options to complete our machine specifications : ...

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Cooking recipes

Abstruse Rye (Pumpernickel) Bread for the Bread Machine.
Ingredients:yeast, bread flour, caraway seed, cocoa powder, molasses, powdered milk, bread flour, salt, vegetable oil, wheat, water, flour

Caraway Rye Bread Modus operandi (Bread Machine)
Ingredients:caraway seed, bread flour, sea salt, margarine, water, wheat bread, flour, yeast

Farmhouse Pure Multi-Grain Cheese Bread - Bread Machine
Ingredients:yeast, flour, powdered milk, olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt, brown sugar, water, bread flour

Bread Machine Dinner Rolls
Ingredients:butter, yeast, eggs, egg whites, salt, sesame seed, milk powder, sugar, water, bread flour