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The approach to inner peace? Let your cat show you the way! Cats have nailed how to enjoy living life to the fullest, in the moment, often at our expense. Catfulness is an tender take on the things cats do that drive us around the bend, but we love them in spite of their selfish cat-centered behavior. Something mighty is taking place in our society today: People are being catful. At home, at work, in love and relationships, and curled up on the sofa, being catful is an object, a new way of being whose time has come. It's an attitude that acknowledges and develops the best of who we are as human beings. The humorous illustrations depict cats displaying character behavior that drives their owners nuts while they remain "catful" so that their actions always give the accompanying mindful quotation an ironic and amusing misinterpret. Containing a large number of recognizable situations for every long-suffering cat owner, this book is guaranteed to raise a laugh and a knowledgeable nod as well as persuade the reader to stop and think.

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