Drawer Mounted Ironing Board

Polder® Over-the-Door Ironing Board

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Drawer mount ironing board

This video shows how our drawer mounted ironing board works.

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DC couple downsize from Victorian house to contemporary condo

All the European-style toilets in the home are wall-mounted, as are the bathroom cabinets, with the exception of one cabinet in the powder room. The modernity of the Singletons' condo extends beyond design Walter matched the wall color and the

Four Unexpected Closet Features You Need

needs a touch up often means making a trip to the laundry room or foregoing it completely. With a built-in drawer mounted ironing board, that trip is no longer necessary. The small drawer contains a fold out ironing board for quick touch-ups or

CCD Presents: “Their Crazy” by Susannah S. Cecil

They'd do their ironing in Aunt Belle's kitchen, because she had the best ironing board, lots of room across her kitchen table. Cousin Jimmy would sit at the corner of that table before work, crisp white sheets stacked in neat rows, underwear mounted

DC couple downsize from Victorian house to contemporary condo - Washington Post

Source: www.washingtonpost.com

When Skip and Debbie Singleton do something, they go all out. The couple, owners of D. C. Living Real Estate brokerage, wanted to downsize and move to a more modern home. While some people downsize a little, the Singletons went from a 6,000-square-foot single-family house in the Palisades neighborhood of Northwest Washington to a 1,950-square-foot condo in Georgetown. Their style shift went from an elaborate Queen Anne-style Victorian home on the National Register of Historic Places to a sleek, contemporary condo without a single piece of trim on the doors, windows, floors or cabinets. The Singletons gutted their condo, built in 2004, to transform its already modern style to a more cutting-edge look. “We see so many homes that are just buried in stuff, so the seed was planted for us to look ahead and streamline our lives,” Debbie Singleton says. Our initial plan was to build a modern single-family home, but then we realized the condo we were renting in Georgetown was what we wanted. [ Condo wars: How a water leak turned into a $30 million lawsuit ]. The Singletons’ first home together a few decades ago was a modern house in Florida that they designed and built. “That house had 20-foot-high ceilings, and everything in it was black and white except for a Japanese-inspired red sofa that looked like something from the Museum of Modern Art,” Skip Singleton says. “We feel like we’ve come full circle with our modern condo. In addition to being influenced by their first home and the many houses they see in the District, the Singletons say they were inspired by the hundreds of interior designers who showcase their work at the annual DC Design House fundraiser, which... “It’s been a great learning experience to absorb the vision of the diverse designers who have worked on the DC Design House every year,” Debbie says. [ From homeowners to renters: A young couple’s stylish approach to downsizing to a one-bedroom ]. The Singletons sold their Victorian home faster than expected while they were in the process of searching for land in the Palisades and Wesley... “We had a full file on our computer with ideas that we had worked out with an architect for what we call a ‘CCC’ house: a commercial-like, concrete, condo-size place,” Skip says. “We moved into a rented condo on the Georgetown waterfront when our house sold, and then we realized that we were living in a ‘CCC’ home. We wouldn’t have been able to find land to build a house in this neighborhood, especially with a water view, so we started rethinking our plans. Once they decided they wanted to stay in the building, they began researching every unit, reviewing floor plans, checking out views and sending out feelers to see if any of the units might be coming on the market. “We had planned on building a 3,000- to 3,500-square-foot house with a swimming pool, so deciding to buy and renovate a 1,950-square-foot condo was a big leap for us,” Debbie says. When the Singletons sold their Victorian house, about 70 percent of their furniture was purchased by the buyers, and some pieces were sold at an estate sale. The Singletons put some of their belongings into temporary storage, intending to use it when their next house was complete. “We were planning to downsize, but not quite like this,” Skip says. “After 32 years of marriage, it was a big challenge to edit everything and decide what to keep,” Skip says. “The Singletons didn’t want any handles or anything to disturb the clean lines of the condo, so everything in the kitchen is the same white material with only a little indent on the side of the doors and drawers to open them,” said Julia Walter,... (John McDonnell/The Washington Post) Debbie, who spent months scanning paperwork and photos for cloud storage, says they went from 14 file drawers to three. She says they still edit their belongings even now that they have moved, and she scans paperwork every few weeks so they stay.

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Qline Retractable Ironing Board

Qline Retractable Ironing Board

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $133.23

Folds and Retracts Mounts to Most Drawer Systems High Quality Ball Bearing Slides

Rev-A-Shelf VIB-20 VIB Series 21 Inch Vanity Base Cabinet Pull Out Ironing Cente

Rev-A-Shelf VIB-20 VIB Series 21 Inch Vanity Base Cabinet Pull Out Ironing Cente

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $218.37

Features: Designed for installation in vanity drawer spaces up to 21 wide Easily mounts to the side of the vanity drawer opening with an expandable frame Effortlessly glides out on over-travel ball bearing slides, allowing full access to the ironing board Counter overlay cannot exceed 1-1/4 for ironing board to open up properly Simply pull out till the gravity lock engages and unfold the board Includes fixed brackets to allow easy mounting of all standard drawer fronts All Rev-A-Shelf products come with a limited lifetime warranty Set Includes: One (1) ironing board assembly One (1) pair of over travel slides One (1) ironing board cover One (1) pack of mounting hardware Product Technologies: Ball Bearing Slides: Ball bearing slides are constructed for high grade steel. The tracks run on small ball bearings that are designed for long lasting, smooth, and quite operation. When needed, they are easily removed with lever release on each slide. Over Travel Slides: Over travel slides allow for the drawer or pull out system to be pulled out beyond the full length of the slide. Over travel slides provides the greatest access to the contents of the drawer or pull. Ideal for large countertop over hang or the need to easily access the rear of the drawer or pull out. Side Mount Slides: Side mount slides are mounted horizontally on the sides of the cabinet opening. Side mount slides provide significant support for heavier loads but are visible when pulled out. Custom Door Mount: Rev-A-Shelfs heavy duty door mounting brackets allow for custom doors to be installed to the front. The patented door mounting kit allows for easy installation and adjustment of the custom door. Specifications: Width: 14.25 Height: 4 Depth: 19.8125 Minimum Opening Width: 14.25 Minimum Opening Height: 3.625 Minimum Opening Depth: 20 Minimum Width: 14.25 Maximum Width: 21


IRONFIX DRAWER MOUNTED IRONING BOARD - Complete set includes 2 carcase rails,1 collapsible ironing board support system with pre-assembled 2-part extending runners ...

Wall-mounted Ironing Board - MAXISALE - MAXISALE.COM.AU
WALL MOUNTED IRONING BOARD Never fool around with an ironing board again, these Hafele ironing boards puts all others to shame. The Hafele Wall Mount Ironing Boards ...

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Tucks away into a Drawer!Folding Ironing Board fits right into a drawer! Here's the perfect answer where space is at a premium. This ingenious ...

Hafele drawer mounted ironing board | House ideas | Pinterest

Hafele drawer mounted ironing board | House ideas | Pinterest
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In-Drawer Mount Ironing Board - Traditional - Ironing Boards - houston ...

In-Drawer Mount Ironing Board - Traditional - Ironing Boards - houston ...
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Image by www.maxisale.com.au

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Intellectual Property in the New Millennium
Intellectual Property in the New Millennium
Published by Cambridge University Press 2004
ISBN 0521846439,9780521846431
307 pages

Intellectual property law is a subject of increasing economic importance and the focus of a great deal of legislative activity at an international and regional level. This collection brings together contributions from some of the most distinquished scholars in this exciting and controversial field, covering the full extent of intellectual property laws, that is, patents, copyright, trade marks and related rights. the contributions examine some of the most pressing practical and theoretical concerns which intellectual property lawyers face.

Australian Law Journal and Law Reports
Australian Law Journal and Law Reports

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Adjustable height ironing board
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The ironing board is compact and may be folded flat for easy storage in confined spaces. (b) a pair of legs pivotably connected at a point intermediate their ends, the first leg being pivotably mounted at one end thereof to the underside of said ironing ...

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We cut of the front portion of the METOD cabinet to mount the hinge on, this way when you bolt it exactly as high as the other cabinets, you know that the door height is ok. Also you can use the IKEA holes which is handy. We used a drawer front (cut length ...

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Mathews' Bristol Street Directory 1871 Weare's Buildings, York Road, Bedminster Weare's Gardens, Newfoundland Lane Weare Street, Bath Road to St Luke’s Road Mrs Crook, shopkeeper George Osborne, grocer, etc Mary Ann Cole, ginger beer manufacturer William Osborne, boot maker St. Luke's National School In 1898 for boys, girls and infants. Also noted that there was a Binding and Printing Nursery in connection with it. Demolished 1972. Some members of staff as listed in directories, etc: Mr Shears (Master), Mrs Corke and Miss F Johnson (Mistresses) 1885 Mr Tempest (Master), Miss F Johnson and Miss F Morse (Mistresses) 1898 Notes: In January 1886 George Furse, a boy who had been engaged to clean the school, was charged at Bristol Police Court with stealing 10s 6d from the drawer of Mr John Shears, the schoolmaster. Mr Shears stated that he had been a very good boy at the school and asked the court to deal leniently with him. He was sentenced to 10 strokes of the birch. Edwin...

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