Tennis Balls In Dryer

Wool Dryer Balls by Aware Sheep 6-Pack, XL Premium Reusable Natural Fabric Softener

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Tennis Balls for Your Laundry

Use just 2-3 tennis balls to shorten drying time.

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Hy-Vee, Kiwanis members raise $3500 for LAHA

Adults and parents participated in a "Dryer Shoot" which had participants try to shoot tennis balls and pucks into a clothes dryer for prizes. Local Kiwanis clubs, including the Kiwanis Club of Milford, Noon Kiwanis Spirit Lake, Spencer Day Breakers

Smelly leather jacket can be restored to like-new scent

Finally, the same dad who drove the aforementioned Smokebomb car also had shoe stores and a solution for smoky leather, he said: Throw six or seven dryer sheets, three new tennis balls and that coat in the dryer; turn on low or no heat. Let it tumble

8 essential steps to maximize the life of your camping equipment

To restore the loft on down items, first use a washing product designed for down and which is PFC-free, such as Nikwax Down Wash Direct. Then place the item in the dryer with several tennis balls, and dry on the lightest setting. The tennis balls help

Smelly leather jacket can be restored to like-new scent - Florida Today


Sometimes, and those times usually are at the end of the year, we get releases or information about charitable or community events. Most times we’re happy to mention them. The problem is, these columns are written well in advance and if you send something that will take place in two days, you’re out of luck. So if you have an event – could be anything from a fund raiser to paper shredding – please let us know at least a month in advance. I recently attended an estate sale and purchased a women's leather jacket at an awesome reduced price. Problem is, it is saturated in cigarette smoke. Please point me in the direction of someone who can restore this jacket to its original beauty and leather scent. Christine R. Indian Harbour Beach. Oh yeah, there’s nothing like smoke stink. Ask anyone who drives her parents’ car. thing smells like a bingo hall, years later. Why not start with a first-class garment launderer. The people at Sun Clean Dry Cleaners, which has outlets in Indialantic, Indian Harbour Beach, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Suntree and West Melbourne, say they handle leather garments, which are sent to a specialist in South Florida, and the service... com or call 321-242-7430. Or you can try a leather specialist, and the place to call is Brian’s Shoe Repair, which has assisted other Help. Coats, handbags, luggage and other leather items are repaired there. ask the specialists there about that jacket. Call 321-499-4606, 321-622-5376 or 321-338-2928 or go to briansshoerepair. com/services. Finally, the same dad who drove the aforementioned Smokebomb car also had shoe stores and a solution for smoky leather, he said: Throw six or seven dryer sheets, three new tennis balls and that coat in the dryer. Then use a good leather cleaner. Personally, I like the take-it-to-a-pro solution. And here it is by special request (again), your updated list of people who can transfer old media such as audio or video tape, slides, cassettes, 8-tracks, Beta, VHS, etc. to new media such as CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, the cloud, etc.

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Speed Up Laundry with Tennis Balls - Lifehacker
The Life Hackery weblog lists 50 things you can do with tennis balls, including throwing them in the dryer to speed up and fluff up the laundry:

Tennis Ball Dryer, the 4 in 1 tennis gadget
Tennis Ball Dryer, the 4 in 1 tennis gadget for tennis players. A perfect tennis gift for players of any age or ability

Look! Tennis Balls and Dryer Balls Work | Apartment Therapy
It took us a little while, but we had a whole industrial-sized box of dryer sheets to make our way through. We finally gave the old tennis/dryer ball as fabric ...

Tennis Balls In Dryer Photos

Tennis Balls In Dryer Photos
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Tennis Balls in Dryer

Tennis Balls in Dryer
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Tennis balls isolated on white with reflection.

Tennis balls isolated on white with reflection.
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Google Books

Laundry Wisdom
Laundry Wisdom
Published by iUniverse 2010
ISBN 9781440198021,1440198020
128 pages

Finally, a book that presents the facts, dispels the myths, and shows you how to be green without having to compromise yourself and your home. The first book of its kind, this is a book just about the ins and outs of laundry. Carin began to research a greener way of life, not for profit or for business gain but to incorporate it with her most prized job, being a mother, grandmother, and wife. She explores the meaning of green, the fads and the facts, so that anyone can easily make their own decisions about what to do. This book is filled with tips and stories that will give you and your family a new perspective on that never-ending chore called laundry. Her biggest fear is that traditional washing and drying will become obsolete, replaced by overpriced appliances and thoughtless...

The Green Year
The Green Year
Published by Penguin 2008
ISBN 9781101022085,1101022086
384 pages

Go green one day at a time. Do something every day. Most of us want to do the right thing for the environment, but making the commitment to change our fast-paced, convenience-oriented lifestyles can be more than a little daunting. What's the answer? Take that giant commitment and cut it up into 365 little commitments that get met one day at a time. The Green Year does just that. More than a calendar, it offers simple, practical, affordable, and engaging activities that make going green a blessing rather than a burden. In addition to these easy green suggestions, readers will find in The Green Year: ?The 'why?' behind each activity ? What makes it good for the environment and the reader? ?A quick 'how-to' for any activity that requires it ?Room for readers to write in their own creative...

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@wavvyprincess don't want to lose shine, use 1 cup of powder dry nonfat milk; if not shiny, use white vinegar. tennis balls in the dryer.

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Baked Kofta Balls in Tomato Sauce
Ingredients:cabbage, cauliflower, cayenne, coriander, garam masala, cumin, olive oil, pasta sauce, salt, flour, turmeric

Melon Balls In Rum Lime Sauce Recipe
Ingredients:lime juice, mint, cantaloupe, lime

Awwamat - Dough Balls In Syrup Recipe
Ingredients:salt, syrup, corn flour, lemon juice, orange, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, water, water, water

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How to Wash a Down Jacket
11/10/16, via

You'll also need a few clean tennis balls or dryer balls, like the ones included in Granger's Down Wash Kit, to throw in the dryer with your down products. These dryer balls encourage the natural loft of down to return as the jacket is drying. The natural ...

Dryer Sheets Are Filled With These 7 Cancer-Causing Toxins (use these tips to avoid them completely)
10/30/16, via

If possible, try to make your own dryer balls, from wool roving to tennis-ball sized balls, tied with poor wool yarn. Use inexpensive nylon netting or old pantyhose to stuff them, and run them through hot wash cycle once or twice. Then, remove the netting ...

He Puts A Tennis Ball In His Pool Overnight. When He Removes It In The Morning? This Is Genius
09/12/16, via

For instance, you can toss a tennis ball wrapped in aluminum foil into the dryer to remove static cling from clothes just as effectively as dryer sheets. You can also use a new, dry tennis ball to remove scuff marks by cutting an X into the ball and ...

The new setup
The new setup

Now, the two parts of homemade laundry soap -- a jar of borax + washing soda and a jar of naptha soap shavings -- are on top of the dryer, each with their own scoop. This way I can use my homemade laundry soap without simmering a tub of water on the stove to mix it up. Because damn, my thermostat is set at 83 degrees and my electric bill this month is gonna be NUTS. Anyway, so I set out the two parts of my homemade laundry soap, and made them clear labels and instructions. This is especially important because our nook sees a lot of strange laundry -- between friends, AirBNB guests, assistants, and my only-sometimes-home husband, I had to think about how I could make it not a pain in the ass for everyone else. I also affixed the dryer sheets (which like to slide around everywhere) and gave the tennis ball-clothes-tumbler a home and it's own instructions (fill with a bit of vinegar and insert in dryer for dryer sheet action without the dryer sheets) and made a home for rags (which...

Photo by Cat Rocketship

Tennis balls in the tumble dryer
Tennis balls in the tumble dryer

The label on my down-filled jacket said to put 3 tennis balls in the tumble dryer.

Photo by Gabi Witthaus

Mop running....
Mop running....

... with tennis ball. Toby looks especially magnificent when viewed large, but would obviously look even better dried and brushed ... which he was last night coincidentally and is still sulking about it, wuss ! Hunstanton, Norfolk.

Photo by meg_nicol