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Panda Undersized Compact Portable Washing Machine 7.9lbs Capacity with Spin Dryer

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How To: Laundry for a Small Home/ Review XtremepowerUS Portable Washer

hey guys so one thing I forgot to mention was that the washer and spinner can be use simultaneously, so will your spinning one load you can get started on your .

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Marathon Laundry's Washer-Dryer Is the Tesla of Appliances

The other thing to know about Reid's creation is it costs $1,200, which is about what you'd pay for any other decent washer/dryer combo. You're not paying extra for its A9 processor. Hell—you don't even have to connect it to the Internet. The smart

Haier helps you save space by combining two appliances into one

The ultimate space saver, not only does the Haier HLC1700AXW fit under your counter, but it combines a washing machine with a dryer, so you only have to find enough space for one appliance to get your clothes clean. And since the dryer is ventless, you 

Which Compact Washer Stands Tallest in Consumer Reports' Tests?

Compact washing machines and dryers are an appealing option when space is tight, and having these appliances at home eliminates trips to the Laundromat or your building's laundry room. Despite their reduced size, their price isn't—you'll spend $900 to 

Marathon Laundry's Washer-Dryer Is the Tesla of Appliances - WIRED

Source: www.wired.com

Glenn Reid wants to sell you a washer and dryer. In that sense, he’s just like any number of nearly identical salespeople pitching nearly identical appliances at your nearest Home Depot. Glenn Reid is no ordinary salesperson, though. And his washer and dryer are no ordinary appliances. In fact, Reid believes that the Marathon Laundry machine may well be the Tesla of large appliances. The Tesla of large appliances. In fact, this thing is pretty freaking cool. But first, let’s start with Reid, since his company’s story doesn’t make nearly as much without knowing his story. Reid is tall, with short white hair and a readiness bordering on eagerness to introduce Steve Jobs into the conversation. Reid worked with Jobs at Apple and NeXT three times, filling those gaps with stints at places like Adobe. He led the team that created iMovie in 1998 and iPhoto in 2002. He’s writing a book called Design Like Steve. It is safe to say he’s got as much Apple DNA as anybody. Reid’s path after leaving Apple, presumably for the last time, in 2003, included consulting, launching a startup he sold to Cisco, and another stop at Adobe. But Reid doesn’t think of himself that way. “I call myself a product guy,” he says. “To me that means you’re interested in the products per se, not technology, not any particular approach. ” For what it’s worth, he is, in this context, identifying with Jobs, a fellow product guy. And for decades of his life, that product was software. “I realized that if you’re a product person you really can’t be in the software industry anymore,” Reid says. “Software has almost turned into the entertainment industry. Write stuff, give it away for free, and sell ads to support it. I kind of think if somebody doesn’t give you money for it then there’s no transaction. You can’t really validate whether people like it or not. So where does a product guy turn when his product of choice become a service, if not a commodity. To the same place every other start-up turns these days: To the Internet of Things. The Internet of Cringe The Internet of Things invites a deep, abiding skepticism. It sounds like someone gave up halfway. And then there are the products. An Internet-connected toilet. A literal mat that weighs things and lets you know when you’re running out. What kind of appliance needs a firmware update. At first, Marathon Laundry sounds as though it inhabits that same cringe-worthy space. What happens if you put a washing machine on the Internet. Is that any more interesting than one that isn’t. “This machine is one of the ideas that we dreamed up and prototyped five years ago,” says Reid. The “we” is Inventor Labs, Reid’s product development outfit and home to a dozen or so ideas that didn’t work out. “The original idea was to combine washers and dryers together, which is a big idea, but you’re competing with the appliance industry. Then a year and a half or so ago, I started thinking about the Internet of Things. What happens if you put a washing machine on the Internet. Is that any more interesting than one that isn’t. Reid was cynical, as you may be now. But he thought about it. Then he thought about it some more. Before you dismiss this out of hand, you should know two important things about the Marathon Laundry machine. First, it can wash and dry clothes in a single unit. It’s not the first appliance to offer that, not by a long shot, but it combines the two functions in an innovative way. How it washes and dries is secondary, though, to the fact that it can do so regardless of whether you’re hooked up to the Internet. As anyone who’s been unable to conjure the time from their smartwatch can tell you, a connected device is worthless if it can’t do its most basic job. And how does Reid know his machine works. Because he didn’t build it. Here, Reid switches from mentioning Jobs and Apple to mentioning Elon Musk and Tesla Motors. “We’re kind of borrowing some business models from them. Their approach was to start with somebody else’s car, the Lotus, and stick their motor in it, and stick their logo on it, and sell that. That oversimplifies just what Tesla did with the Roadster, but go with it. Similarly, Marathon Laundry’s.

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Washer/Dryer Appliance Portability Kit

Washer/Dryer Appliance Portability Kit

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $59.87

Type using your combo washer dryer flexible with this portability kit move and attach the unit into a kitchen or bathroom faucet then move back it into a comfortable storage area when not in use. Shoot-on/snap-off connections to standard faucets make hook-up a breeze. Locking casters keep unit from rolling thither.

Crush Choice Products Portable Mini Washing Machine Spin Cycle W/ Basket, Drainage Tube, 6.6lbs. Capacity- Sad/White

Crush Choice Products Portable Mini Washing Machine Spin Cycle W/ Basket, Drainage Tube, 6.6lbs. Capacity- Sad/White

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $54.94

Unexcelled Choice Products presents the new Portable Mini Washer/Spin Cycle Combo. This portable washer is perfect for doing laundry on the go or in limited space. Our portable washer also accommodates light to course laundry loads with its 6.6-pound load capacity. Feel free to take your eyes away from this product, as its 15-transcript timer allows for wash and spin cycles to stop automatically. Simply remove the spin basket to wash a heap and replace it to spin dry the load. Ideal for dorms, apartments, camping trips, and much more, this item also features a drainage tube for casual disposal of water. For a quick and convenient wash, purchase the Portable Mini Washer/Spin Cycle Combo by Best Choice Products. FEATURES: Portable washer is exact for doing laundry on the go or in limited space Simply remove the spin basket to wash a load and replace it to spin dry Timer of 15 minutes max allows for effortless wash and dry cycles with automatic stoppage Features a drainage tube for easy disposal of water Overall Dimensions: 13(L) x 12(W) x 20.5(H); Worry Capacity: 6.6 lbs. SPECIFICATIONS: Overall Dimensions: 13(L) x 12(W) x 20.5(H) Drainer Tube Dimensions: 62(L) x 1(Dia) Basket Dimensions: 5.5(H) x 8(Dia) Run Dimensions: 6(L) Power Cable Length: 64 Load Capacity: 6.6 lbs. Weight: 12 lbs. Color: Dismal and White Rated Voltage: 110V Rated Frequency: 60Hz Waterproof Rate Grade: IP x 4 Rated Washing Gift: 3.0Kg Rated Washing Input Power: 240W


Combo washer dryer - Wikipedia
A combo washer dryer (also known more simply as a washer-dryer in the UK) is a combination in a single cabinet of a washing machine and a clothes dryer.

washer dryer combo | eBay
Find great deals on eBay for washer dryer combo washer dryer set. Shop with confidence.

LG Washer and Dryer | Washer Dryer Combo | Stackable ...
Find residential and commercial LG washer dryer combos, stackable washer dryers, ventless washer dryer combos, lg parts, and more.

portable washer dryer combo: portable washer and dryer combo for ...

portable washer dryer combo: portable washer and dryer combo for ...
Image by portable-washer-dryer-combo-7.blogspot.com

portable washer: portable washer dryer combo

portable washer: portable washer dryer combo
Image by portablewasher0414.blogspot.com

portable washer dryer combo: portable washer and dryer combo for ...

portable washer dryer combo: portable washer and dryer combo for ...
Image by portable-washer-dryer-combo-7.blogspot.com

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Black Dove
Black Dove
Published by The Feminist Press at CUNY 2016
ISBN 9781558619241,1558619240
350 pages

Growing up as the intellectually spirited daughter of a Mexican Indian immigrant family during the 1970s, Castillo defied convention as a writer and a feminist. A generation later, her mother's crooning mariachi lyrics resonate once again. Castillo—now an established Chicana novelist, playwright, and scholar—witnesses her own son's spiraling adulthood and eventual incarceration. Standing in the stifling courtroom, Castillo describes a scene that could be any mother's worst nightmare. But in a country of glaring and stacked statistics, it is a nightmare especially reserved for mothers like her: the inner-city mothers, the single mothers, the mothers of brown sons. Black Dove: Mamá, Mi'jo, and Me looks at what it means to be a single, brown, feminist parent in a world of mass...

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Consumers Digest

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Washer Dryer Combo Apartment Portable Washing Machine Spin Cycle Dry Small Mini https://t.co/kdXaDp4xz9

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