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XLERATOR XL-BWX Involuntary High Speed Hand Dryer with White Thermoset (BMC) Cover and 1.1 Noise...

  • Meets GreenSpec standards and earns...
  • One-piece white reinforced thermoset polymer...

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Dyson cuts down noise with latest Airblade hand dryer

Since there is no agreed standard for measuring the sound generated by hand dryers, manufacturers can choose to declare noise levels in a variety of ways: for example, sound power, sound pressure at 1m, sound pressure at 2.5m, and so on. And because 

Global Hand Dryers Market is Expected to reach $1.350 million with a notable CAGR of 13.0% by 2022 : Acute Market ...

Raw materials include body material, control circuitry, wires, hand dryer heater, hand proximity sensor, and indicators & switches which are extensively used for manufacturing hand dryers. The suppliers of these components ensure a smooth supply in the 

Testing Performed by SGS Proves Superior Performance of High-Speed, Energy-Efficient XLERATOR® Hand Dryer

“I'm proud to be an American manufacturer of quality products people enjoy using and can depend on. The publication of the first-ever global PCR allows companies to create EPDs which help people compare hand dryers accurately to make a better decision 

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Additionally, World Dryer’s electric hand dryers provide eco-friendly solutions for business owners by helping them cut back on paper towel costs and usage.

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Hand Dryers, Find Quality Hand Dryers Products, Hand Dryers Manufacturers, Hand Dryers Suppliers and Exporters at Alibaba.com. Sourcing Other Home Appliance Parts ...

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Costs. Hand dryers have been popular with industries for their apparent economies. According to manufacturers, hand dryers can cut costs by as much as 99.5% (for ...

Hand Dryer Manufacturers

Hand Dryer Manufacturers
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Electrical Times

Sustainable Commercial Interiors
Sustainable Commercial Interiors
Published by John Wiley & Sons 2014
ISBN 9781118879979,111887997X
432 pages

Discover new approaches to green design and sustainable building with this comprehensive guide There's a substantial amount of information designers and architects need to understand about sustainability and commercial projects, especially as expectations for professionals in the industry become clearer. Luckily, the second edition of Sustainable Commercial Interiors has been revamped to serve as a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to understand the latest in green and sustainable design. Fully revised throughout, this resource now includes frameworks based on the new LEED v4 rating system, and provides fifteen brand-new case studies that document green design and building strategies for all types of projects. You'll find information on materials, furnishings, finishes, product...

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Excel Dryer Hand Dryers Made in America https://t.co/thD4QKkBmk

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Time is up for ear-blasting technology, peaceful washrooms are back
10/10/16, via realwire

We recognised the importance of noise level reduction back in 2012 and that year became the first hand dryer manufacturer to be awarded the Quiet Mark by the UK Noise Abatement Society for one of our fast-dry models. Going forward, we will always develop ...

Ffuuss inks Qatar distribution deal with Dhofar
10/07/16, via Construction Week Online

Ffuuss is a hand dryer manufacturer that is part of the Spain-based OTS Group. The air dryers feature an air heating system that works without conventional resistors, aimed at avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. The design and placement of the dryers ...

French textile manufacturers to partake in INDIA ITME 2016
10/05/16, via Fibre2Fashion

The French textile manufacturers are set to display their state-of- the ... of fibres that allows the recycling of old garments that can't be used in the second hand market. Aesa Air Engineering, a global leader in industrial air conditioning, will feature ...

1958 Edsel: Lousy Car But Great Planter.
1958 Edsel: Lousy Car But Great Planter.

Here's a link to how this same Edsel looked in 1959. I took this picture with my Brownie Hawkeye when I was thirteen. farm2.static.flickr.com/1286/544933741_8e82112e81.jpg A bit busy today and tomorrow, but will try to visit everyone's stream. Thanks for your patience When my stepfather first met my mother in 1959, he was driving a brand new 1958 Ford Edsel. At that time it was touted as being far ahead of its time. The big feature was the ability of the driver to shift gears by pushing buttons on a touch pad in the centre of the steering wheel. After a few years the Edsel was abandoned. It had become an embarrassment to Ford. The button shift did not live up to its potential, and was notorious for losing its timing. It sometimes took up to five seconds from the time you pushed a button until the time the transmission shifted, usually with a jolting 'thunk'. Further, the Edsel was an overly heavy car, even in an age of heavy cars. I did drive it a fair bit over a ten year...

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Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: View over World War Two aviation wing, including Japanese planes and B-29 Enola Gay
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: View over World War Two aviation wing, including Japanese planes and B-29 Enola Gay

See more photos of this, and the Wikipedia article. Details, quoting from Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy | Nakajima J1N1-S Gekko (Moonlight) IRVING: Originally designed as a three-seat, daylight escort fighter plane by the Nakajima Aeroplane Company, Ltd., and flown in 1941, the IRVING was modified as a night fighter in May of 1943 and shot down two American B-17 bombers to prove its capability. The Gekko (meaning moonlight) was redesigned to hold only two crewmen so that an upward firing gun could be mounted where the observer once sat. Nearly five hundred J1N1 aircraft, including prototypes, escort, reconnaissance, and night fighters were built during World War II. A sizeable number were also used as Kamikaze aircraft in the Pacific. The few that survived the war were scrapped by the Allies. This J1N1 is the last remaining in the world. It was transported from Japan to the U.S. where it was flight tested by the U.S. Army Air Forces in 1946. The...

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Hope for the planet
Hope for the planet

Some hope for the planet... I was in Bentonville, Arkansas all this week, where WalMart announced that it will be creating a system to put a sustainability index on every product it sells, and that it will work with other retailers and manufacturers to make it a single standard (webcast can be seen here). The sustainability index will communicate the environmental and social impact of the product from a life cycle perspective. WalMart and other corporations have funded the Sustainability Consortium, led by Arizona State University and University of Arkansas, to help provide the research needed to support the effort. I am excited to be part of the team that will develop an "open" life cycle inventory system. Such a system will enable companies to estimate the environmental and social impact of their product through raw material acquisition, manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal/recycling. The world places a lot of emphasis on tracking carbon dioxide and...

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