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Whirlpool Electric Dryer Lint Filter Housing #WPW10219012

This video provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the lint filter housing (or lint filter cover) on a Whirlpool electric dryer. The most common reason.

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Dominion East Ohio offers cold weather advice for Valley residents

With colder weather returning this weekend, Dominion East Ohio is offering conservation tips that can help customers save energy and money. Simple conservation measures, such as setting thermostats at an economical, yet comfortable temperature, can 

Cozad fires prompt awareness

Niles said the cause of the fire was deemed to be an overloaded electrical system in the home. He said Niles said there was not a state investigation of the incident, but he estimated a dirty lint trap in the bottom dryer was likely the cause of

Another Swansea tumble dryer fire sparks smoke alarm warning

FIRE bosses are urging people to fit life-saving smoke alarms following a spate of tumble dryer fires at homes across South West Wales. The calls were made after crews were scrambled to the latest blaze Clean the lint trap after every use — the

Dominion East Ohio offers cold weather advice for Valley residents - WFMJ

Source: www.wfmj.com

With colder weather returning this weekend, Dominion East Ohio is offering conservation tips that can help customers save energy and money. Simple conservation measures, such as setting thermostats at an economical, yet comfortable temperature, can help save money. The following tips also can help customers begin saving energy and money today:. Heating : Furnaces and boilers account for 65 percent of home natural gas use. These simple tips can help customers maximize comfort and minimize heating bills:. · Save Money by Degrees: Customers can save from 10 to 15 percent on annual heating costs by setting the thermostat at 68 degrees during the day and down to 58 degrees at night, or when the resident is at work or away for an extended period. A programmable thermostat will automatically raise and lower the settings to a preset schedule and eliminate operating the heating system manually. It's not recommended to turn the system off, especially on very cold days, because the recovery time may negate any savings realized by the setback. A common misconception is that the furnace works harder than normal to warm the space back to a comfortable level. Studies have shown that, to reheat a building, it takes about the same amount of fuel that is saved dropping to the lower temperature. The savings comes from the system stabilizing at the lower temperature. The longer the house remains at the lower temperature, the more energy is saved. · Clean or Replace Furnace Filters: Check furnace air filters once a month during the heating season. · Annual Inspection: Dominion East Ohio reminds customers that an annual furnace inspection by a qualified, reputable heating contractor can ensure that they receive maximum winter heating safety, comfort and efficiency. Besides helping customers receive maximum value for their heating dollars, an annual appliance inspection can prevent any potential carbon monoxide problems. Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors provide a second line of defense, but they should not be used as a substitute for an annual appliance inspection. Combined with an annual inspection, however, a single CO detector, placed in the sleeping area of a home offers additional peace of mind. · Caulk around : Use inexpensive caulking around the fireplace mantle, inside windows and storm windows, electrical receptacle boxes, exhaust fan openings, pipes leading to bathroom fixtures, mortar cracks in chimneys or cracks in basement walls. Be sure to caulk around areas where the foundation meets the first floor plate and basement windows. Seal off drafts and reduce heat loss around windows. · Draft Stoppers: Block off drafts at the bottom of doors with a rolled up rug or bath towel. · Switch Off Drafts: To seal off drafts, apply self-adhesive foam strips to the back of wall plates for electrical outlets and switches. · Here's a Card Trick: If a playing card fits in the crevice of an outside door, you need more weather stripping. · Clean Radiators, Ductwork and Vents: Dirt and dust can make your heating and cooling system less efficient. · Don't Block Radiators and Vents: Move furniture and drapes away from vents, so heated air can do its job more efficiently. · Install Roll-Out Attic Insulation: Inexpensive, do it yourself rolls of insulation, available at home improvement stores, can be rolled-out easily in an attic, the area of the largest heat loss in a home. You'd be surprised how much warmer a lower temperature setting can seem with a little moisture in the air. · Don't Open and Close Outside Doors Needlessly: Limit traffic into and out of your home to keep it warmer and draft-free. · Close Off Unused Space: It makes no sense spending energy dollars to heat or cool these areas. · Use Nature's Energy: In cold weather, open shades facing the sun to let in nature's warming power, and then close shades after sundown. · Don't Build a Fire When the Furnace is On: A roaring blaze actually can waste energy by drawing already heated air up the chimney. If you do use the fireplace, turn down the thermostat. Water Heating : Water heating accounts for 25 percent of every natural gas dollar spent. Customers can use these common-sense tips to maximize the value of their.

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Deflecto VENLTFW DEFLECTO LTF Supurr Bend Lint Trap Kit

Deflecto VENLTFW DEFLECTO LTF Supurr Bend Lint Trap Kit

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $22.99

. . Indoor venting. Supurr-Bend duct. Nontipping rectangle base.2 clamps. Built-in hanger. UL will not allow listing on this product.4" dia x 5ft length baffle duct. For use with electric dryers only. .

ProFlex Indoor Dryer Broadcast Kit

ProFlex Indoor Dryer Broadcast Kit

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $17.99

Dundas Jafine ProFlex Indoor Dryer Discharge Kit - Ideal for indoor venting of electric clothes dryers where outside venting is impractical. Easy DIY installation. The lock system on the scuttle allows for a secure tighter seal, and the installation ring allows it to be hung on the wall or wall stud close to the dryer. Collects lint useless. Kit includes plastic lint trap bucket, 2 plastic clamps, 4 x 5' length of UL approved ProFlex dryer transition duct, and a shoddy mounting ring for installation. Indoor venting is not recommended for gas dryers due to potentially harmful fumes or exhaust. - Sort: Indoor Electric Vent, Pieces In Set: 5 pcs, Color: White, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Box


Amazon.com: electric dryer lint trap
Amazon.com: electric dryer lint trap. Amazon Try Prime All ... Indoor lint trap for electric dryers that does not use water. Tools & Home Improvement: See all 16 items.

Amazon.com: Dryer Lint Trap
Amazon.com: Dryer Lint Trap. ... Compatible with all electric dryer brands. Health, Household & Baby Care: See all 58 items. BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent. by BetterVent

Deflect-o Lint Trap Kit-LTF - The Home Depot
Deflect-o Lint Trap Kit is ideal to use in a ... The lint trapper works with most electric ... Dundas Jafine ProGard Dryer Vent Kit-TD48PGKZW6 - The Home Depot.

Fantech DBLT 4 - Dryer Lint Trap with 4" Duct

Fantech DBLT 4 - Dryer Lint Trap with 4" Duct
Image by www.comfortgurus.com

Indoor Lint Trap Kit for Electric Dryers TJ7LT5 | eBay

Indoor Lint Trap Kit for Electric Dryers TJ7LT5 | eBay
Image by www.ebay.com

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How to Clean Your Dryer Vent to Reduce Fire Risk
12/13/16, via homerepair.about.com

This lint will build up in crevices deep down inside the lint filter trap, and all along the dryer vent hose. At the end of the day ... developed a report called the “Report on Electric and Gas Clothes Dryers.” In that report, they determined that ...

How to Keep Your Condenser Dryer Running Efficiently
12/07/16, via dengarden.com

A vented dryer must be situated near an outside wall for venting purposes. The condenser dryers that I have seen have the lint trap situated just inside the door. This is cleared by pulling the trap out and scraping any lint off. After removing the lint ...

The Happy Handyman LLC
12/02/16, via www.facebook.com

Learn where lint ... trap after every load, vacuum behind the machine regularly, keep flammables away from the dryer, and annually clean lint from inside the dryer cabinet and vent duct. We show how to “de-lint” a gas dryer with a front access panel ...