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midea MAE50-1102PSS 1.6 cu. ft. Top Loading Transportable Washing Machine, Stainless Steel

  • Multiple pre-programmed automatic wash cycles
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A Video to show you the difference between a Vented and a Condenser Tumble Dryer

A question that crops up time and time again is from customers asking us what the difference between a Vented and a condenser Tumble dryer is, so we got two .

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Consumer Reports tests best compact washers and dryers

"Ventless dryers condense the moisture out of the humid exhaust air instead of venting it outside. This comes in handy if you live in an apartment or condo where you may not have access to an outside wall," said Emilio Gonzalez from Consumer Reports.

Indesit IDPE 845 A1 Eco review

Indesit has been having a pretty tough time with its old tumble dryers of late, but the IDPE 845 A1 Eco comes to the test bench proving the brand's latest machines are at the cutting-edge of technology. This flagship condenser model

Dryer ball review

Many years ago some bright spark suggested that putting a tennis ball into a dryer would help soften clothes and save you money by reducing drying time. Marketing gurus have cottoned onto this idea and introduced plastic or woollen balls We tested

Indesit IDPE 845 A1 Eco review - TrustedReviews


What is the Indesit IDPE 845 A1 Eco. Indesit has been having a pretty tough time with its old tumble dryers of late, but the IDPE 845 A1 Eco comes to the TrustedReviews test bench proving the brand’s latest machines are at the cutting-edge of technology. This flagship condenser model offers sensor drying for up to 8kg loads, A+ energy efficiency and 16 drying programmes. It delivers the goods, too, with great drying results on the sensor programme, and plenty of manual and timed options for those whole like things a little more traditional. It isn't quiet by current standards, and will take a while to get used to, but there's no arguing with its effectiveness and very low energy consumption figures. Indesit IDPE 845 A1 Eco – Design and Features Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is just as well because the IDPE 845 A1 Eco’s odd take on contemporary style didn’t exactly woo anyone in the test team. The bright green and red LCD panel is rather garish, while the main programme knob is a rather retro shape. The swooping lines of the pull-out water container and full-width door, matched to a bottom vent that looks like it came off a boy-racer hot hatchback, are, well, unique. Arguably, it might pull off this style better in a black or silver finish – additional options to the white model we had to test. By a process of swapping heat with air in your kitchen, the IDPE 845 A1 Eco uses about half as much electricity as a traditional tumble dryer sporting a standard electric heater element. It can dry at lower temperatures, thanks to clever air-circulation and moisture sensors that automatically adjust temperature and drying times with selected programs. Speaking of which, there are no less than 16 programs, plus several additional options that result in multiple drying levels from which you can choose. You even get a shoe rack for the Shoe programme. It's meant for sports footwear – and I can vouch for its effectiveness with wet cycling shoes. The full-width door is a nice touch for those who don’t like traditional port hole doors, and the large drum has a fluted surface to aid drying. The water container and both in-drum and lower fluff filters are easy to access and clean too. Indesit IDPE 845 A1 Eco – What is it like to use. Multiple options, varying loads for different programmes, plus several manual modes do not make for an easy to understand appliance. Otherwise, you'll likely overload programmes or forget what various programmes or options are meant to do. However, perseverance is the key here because once you do get to grips with the IDPE 845 A1 Eco it has plenty to offer. There are a total of 16 programmes and each handles a different maximum load, dries to a slightly different level, and takes varying amounts of time. The legends on the fascia don’t provide any clue beyond the programme name, and the display offers limited information on the cycle – just estimated drying time and a few symbols. Above the display sit four buttons that offer programme selection options. These include a high heat mode for faster (although less economical) drying, delay start, and a memo mode that stores your single favourite programme and options for easy access. There's also a Fast Iron button that selects the final moisture level to ensure easy ironing of clothes. The 5-litre water container can be found in the traditional position top-left, and slides out easily for emptying. If you're unfamiliar with a condenser dryer then you might be surprised by how much water your wet washing actually holds – and it will likely require emptying every full-load cycle. One pulls out from the lip of the porthole inside the drum, while the condenser filter is located behind a panel at the bottom. After a week or two, we began to get the hang of the IDPE 845 A1 Eco – but don’t expect "plug and play" perfect results from the outset. It’s complicated, but once you get the programmes, options and settings just right for your load, it works a treat. Indesit IDPE 845 A1 Eco – How noisy is it. The IDPE 845 A1 Eco is far from an ultra-silent tumble dryer, but it did test a fair bit quieter than the very high 69dB noise level stated on the energy label. We measured around 63-64dB through most of the drying cycle, which is about average for a mid-priced condenser dryer.

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Ventilation Requirements for Condensing Clothes Dryers ...
Ventilation Requirements for Condensing Clothes Dryers - Code Notes Conventional dryers require ductwork to exhaust water vapor from the appliance during operation.

Clothes dryer - Wikipedia
A clothes dryer, tumble dryer, ... Clothes dryers are second only to refrigerators and freezers as the largest residential electrical energy consumers in America.

Condenser Clothes Dryers | Appliances Online
Condenser Dryers can dry clothes without venting hot steam through the laundry. Appliances Online has all the best condenser dryer brands for your home.

Range Of Clothes Dryers These Include The Simpson Minimax Simpson ...

Range Of Clothes Dryers These Include The Simpson Minimax Simpson ...
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AEG T86280IC Condenser Dryer

AEG T86280IC Condenser Dryer
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LG TD-C901H - 9kg Condenser Dryer | LG Australia

LG TD-C901H - 9kg Condenser Dryer | LG Australia
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Advances in Heat Pump-Assisted Drying Technology
Advances in Heat Pump-Assisted Drying Technology
Published by CRC Press 2016
ISBN 9781498735001,1498735002
315 pages

Drying of solids is one of the most common, complex, and energy-intensive industrial processes. Conventional dryers offer limited opportunities to increase energy efficiency. Heat pump dryers are more energy and cost effective, as they can recycle drying thermal energy and reduce CO2, particulate, and VOC emissions due to drying. This book provides an introduction to the technology and current best practices and aims to increase the successful industrial implementation of heat pump- assisted dryers. It enables the reader to engage confidently with the technology and provides a wealth of information on theories, current practices, and future directions of the technology. It emphasizes several new design concepts and operating and control strategies, which can be applied to improve the...

Popular Science
Popular Science
144 pages

Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

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Dryer ball review
11/17/16, via

We tested with a conventional electric vented dryer and an upmarket condenser dryer both with and without the ... Dryer balls also make the claim to make clothes softer, which we haven't tested – but as per our fabric softeners article, you can just ...

Indesit IDPE 845 A1 Eco
11/05/16, via TrustedReviews

This dries your clothes to the maximum possible dryness ... Not a fraction of what your 10-year-old traditional condenser tumble dryer would have cost to run, that’s for sure. The heat pump technology is very well implemented and unless you opt for ...

Electrolux 8kg EDC2086GDW Condenser Dryer
10/31/16, via

The Electrolux Condenser Drier is the perfect addition to any busy, modern home and makes it easy to keep your clothes clean, dry and fresh. This family-friendly dryer features Woolmark Apparel Care which allows you to safely machine dry your woolen ...