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Tagvo Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit for Universal Bladders, 4 in 1 Cleaner Set--Flexible Long...

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  • SMALLER BRUSH: perfect for mouth piece cleaning;

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Awesome Feature - Camelbak Bladder

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Camelbak Reservoir Dryer



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5 quietly brilliant road cycling products

The humble bidon might seem too basic to include on this list, but Camelbak's Podium series is the crème de la crème of water bottles. Its one-way patented Jet Valve means you just need to grab and squeeze when you need a drink. Designed to fit on

Top Five: Ways to reduce your carbon footprint on campus

Many college students keep TVs and microwaves in their dorm rooms, and those who live off campus might even have a coffee maker, toaster, and a washer and dryer. He refills his reusable Camelbak water bottle two to three times per day, he said.

Quick and Dirty: How to Clean a Hydration Pack

We made our dryer by modifying a plastic coat hanger (see image). Companies sell plastic hangers (like the CamelBak pictured above) and even special-purpose electric driers. (We think it's sort of awesome that someone in this great big world makes 

5 quietly brilliant road cycling products -


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Camelbak 2012 Hydration Pack Reservoir Dryer - 90091

Camelbak 2012 Hydration Pack Reservoir Dryer - 90091

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $12.45

Camelbak Water Pack Care Products. Insert to hang and completely dry reservoirAdaptable to all sizes of OMEGA and baffled OMEGA reservoirs

CamelBak Marathoner Hydration Vest, Electric BlueLime Punch

CamelBak Marathoner Hydration Vest, Electric BlueLime Punch

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $206.79

Our best-selling Vest, the marathoner is for the runner who wants a low-profile solution and Minimalist storage. Antidote reservoir features: Quick Link system, easy openclose cap, lightweight fill port, Dryer arms, center baffling and low-profile design. Features adjustable harness with cargo pockets, integrated reservoir compression, sweat-proof phone pocket, external fill. Designed to carry water bottle, extra layer, nutrition, phone, Gloves, hat, keys. Camelbak Got your Bak guarantee: if we build it, we'll Bak it with our lifetime guarantee. Four exterior slip pockets and one zipper pocket. One interior zipper pocket. There are no aid stations on training days-and who wants to plot their runs around water fountains This best-selling vest carries 2 liters of water for runs of 2 hours or more-and its air mesh panels keep things light and breathable (you'll be sweaty enough already). CamelBak has also included compartments on the shoulder harnesses so you can access your essentials without slowing down: a sweat


RESERVOIR DRYER Hang Dry with Ease - CamelBak
Dry your OMEGA® reservoir quickly and completely with the Reservoir Dryer™.

CamelBak | RESERVOIR DRYER Hang Dry with Ease
Dry your OMEGA® reservoir quickly and completely with the Reservoir Dryer™. This dryer holds your reservoir open to help it dry quickly and completely ...

CamelBak Reservoir Dryer -
If you have the kind of reservoir that had a divider in it, you may be disappointed in this dryer. You have to cut the cross ribs of the dryer frame to let it go into ...

CamelBak Reservoir Dryer

CamelBak Reservoir Dryer
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Camelbak Reservoir Dryer | Peter Glenn

Camelbak Reservoir Dryer | Peter Glenn
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CamelBak Reservoir Dryer - Water Bottle Accessories |

CamelBak Reservoir Dryer - Water Bottle Accessories |
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Mountain Bike
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CamelBak Arete 22 2L Summit Pack/Reservoir Sleeve
02/08/17, via

You can also use CamelBak brushes from their Cleaning Kit to scrub your reservoir and drink tube. Brushes are the best way to ensure you are scrubbing all of the areas of the reservoir clean. Once the reservoir is clean, be sure to air dry overnight so no ...

CamelBak - Podium Bottle BPA Free Frost/Carbon - 22 oz.
02/06/17, via

Step up to the Podium. The New CamelBak™ Podium™ Bottle incorporates Jet Valve™, a revolutionary self-sealing valve into a taste-free bottle with a high flow rate. Introducing the racing bottle for the 21st century. The revolutionary PodiumTM Bottle ...

CamelBak eddy CamelBak Water Bottle Navy
01/27/17, via

The eddy™ bottle makes portable hydration simple—just flip, bite and sip. The .75L size fits easily in the hand and is compatible with most cup holders. The loop handle makes it easy to clip to a pack or comfortably carry in the crook of your finger ...

2011 Camelbak Rogue Pics/Review
2011 Camelbak Rogue Pics/Review

This was most important to me. Can I fit my U-Lock in here? Turns out, I can. This is a Bell U-Lock that can be found for a reasonable price at Fred Meyer. This is the "2011 Rogue", which differs from the "Rogue". You can easily tell the difference by looking at the lower compartment--the 2011 model has one diagonal reflective strip; the older model has two thin vertical strips. This new model features the new Antidote Reservoir, which, among other things, has clips that fold up around the mouth that can be sprung down to prop the bladder to help it dry out. I've found they're not quite as easy as the promotional video shows. While you're watching videos, check out the Rogue video which also shows the Aurora--the Rogue's female-fitting sister pack. Some interesting weights: Pak only: 9.8 oz Pak + empty bladder: 15.8 oz Empty bladder: 5.8oz Bladder with 16oz of water: 1 lb 5.2 oz Bladder filled as much as I could, more than 72oz: 4 lbs 8.8 oz Filled to...

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My gear for Pacific Coast bicycle tour - Summer 2011
My gear for Pacific Coast bicycle tour - Summer 2011

Rode from Vancouver, BC to Santa Curz, CA with this gear. Not shown - NWT Bike Friday, Synthetic sleeping bag (+40 degree), vinyl poncho (used as ground cloth), patch kit, multi-tool, spare tire, pump, iPhone charger. Total weight is slightly under 21 pounds (excluding the bike). Observations: * iPhone 4 - it was great having the iPhone; nine years ago (when I did this tour from Portland to Los Angeles) the first thing we'd do as we rode into a town was to search for a public library with internet. The iPhone changed that. I used it for; email, Twitter, Yelp (we ate much better on this trip), camera, compass, weather report, ATM finder, GPS, etc. AT&T's coverage was a bit spotty in places along the coast but worked most of the time. The only drag with the iPhone, or any smart phone, was the short battery life. I was able extend the battery life by following the steps in this NYTimes article and by using two external batteries. Even so, we were always on the...

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This backpack is the most awesome backpack in the history of backpacks. It's small, but expands big. It's got an insulated pocket for a water bladder, but you can also use it to store cold or hot foods. You can fit a dry bag, a large camera, a first aid kit, a towel, a spare shirt, a pair of sandals, and a 6-foot trail boat with a collapsible oar in it all at the same time. Or like four days worth of groceries. I own four packs, and have owned dozens, and this is the best pack I've ever owned. It's stylish, incredibly lightweight, technical and technical-looking, ergonomic, and makes women want to get naked with you. The Camelbak Cloud Walker: Best pack made since the dawn of fucking time, man. Srsly.

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