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Kingstar Thorough Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer Powerful 1875W Blow Dryers 2 Speed...

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The Best Ionic Hair Dryer for Coarse, Thick Hair : Fabulous Beauty Ideas

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If you blow-dry your hair every day, buying a hairdryer is not a decision to be taken lightly. Make the right choice and a good hairdryer can shave precious minutes off your morning routine, extend the life of a haircut by months – and, more

This Absurd $400 Hair Dryer Is Actually Worth It

No one should need or want a $400 hair dryer. The number one hair dryer on Amazon costs $36, the one under my sink cost $70 in 2003, and the one my hair dresser uses daily on clients costs between $100 and $150. A $400 hair dryer is more than twice 

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#badgirlcrush – Rachel (@gingercollins27)


A: I’m a mid-century enthusiast, history nerd, and adventurous spirit. I’m often described as an “old soul” and have always found a connection to the past, but I’m very much a modern gal at heart. My taste in music, film, fashion, design, and style are decidedly mid-century. In my free time, I love getting lost during weekend adventures, and exploring new places. My fiancé and I both love vintage, so we chose a 1920s ballroom for our wedding venue. It was the first dress I tried on and I knew right away it perfectly embodied my style and the classic, glamorous look and feel of the wedding. Undoubtedly influenced by my favourite vintage bombshells—but you’ll have to wait and see. There will be many personal touches throughout the wedding, including walking down the aisle to a modern take on Elvis’ classic, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love. Gypsy , with her when I was maybe 3 years old, and that was it. I was so enamoured with the glamour, fashion, and performance that Natalie Wood infused into the legend that is Gypsy Rose Lee. That love of film and glamour has only continued to grow. I’ve continued to be a movie lover, and even studied history and film in college. The femme fatales, Technicolor, and overall aesthetic of some of my favourite directors—Douglas Sirk, Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch—have continued to define what I find interesting and beautiful. I acted a bit in a local theatre group when I was young, and always loved playing dress up as a little girl. What started off as admiring my on-screen idols for their costumes and performances as a young girl, has come to define my personal style and how I’m able to express myself as an adult. Going back to my early memories of watching Gypsy, I think that film has also had a huge impact on my love and respect for the female form. Family stories and old photographs were always around when I was growing up. Seeing photos of my grandmothers in the 1940s and 1950s completely influenced me. There’s just something undeniably special about the class and sass of a mid-century woman. A: I love 1940s to early 1960s style, but the 50s are consistently where I draw inspiration in terms of personal style, design, and music. There’s something so seductive about the meeting of class and kitsch, sultry and sweet, and to me that defines how I interpret, and why I love, 50s fashion. The silhouettes from the 50s also happen to work best with my figure, but I’ve always been drawn to the classic, sexy, and glamorous look of the decade. My home is filled with family hand-me-downs and years of collecting and hunting for mid-century furniture and décor. I’ve amassed a sizeable record collection over the years, and absolutely love 1940s-1960s country, soul, and rockabilly music. In my home, some favourite pieces include my collections of vintage pastel coloured hair dryers and head vases, our Heywood Wakefield dining set, and a mid-century print of artist Vladimir Tretchikoff’s 1953 not having red hair, and it’s... So hair is a big one for me. Admittedly, I can never get pin curls just right, so I typically use foam rollers for my wet set. This set is perfect if I’m looking for a tighter, poodle style curl, and can last a few days. I’ll use hot rollers if I’m going for a sleeker, pageboy style (my favourite). My biggest tip would be, listen to your hair. Hair can have a mind of it’s own, and some sets inevitably come out better than others, so work with what you’ve got. In terms of products, I use a teasing brush, fine tooth comb, and boar bristle brush to brush out my sets, and bobby pins and duckbill clips to shape and mould the set. Complete with some hair spray and pomade, and you’re good to go. A: Bobby From Boston (Boston), Bananas (Gloucester), Circa Vintage (New Bedford), and Vintage and Antique Textiles (Sturbridge) are some of my favourites. I lived in New York City before moving to Boston, and Manhattan is home to one of my all time favourite vintage shops, Stella Dallas. It’s a must-visit for mid-century loving gals. My best find from Stella Dallas is a 1950s gold lame swimsuit that fits like a glove. A: Diana Dors is not only my hair goddess, but a total style icon to me. Diana was in part known for her sex appeal and wild.

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Omwah Turbo Past master Hair Dryer Blow Dryer for Salon 2200 - 2500 W

Omwah Turbo Past master Hair Dryer Blow Dryer for Salon 2200 - 2500 W

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $64.28

Improbable power with 2200-2500 Watts. One of its other great features is the thick electrical cord that makes tangling a lot harder to occur and it helps guard the blow dryer for a long lifetime. Our Omwah Brand blow dryer comes with 2 HEAT settings as well as 2 Dispatch settings as well as 2 TIPS. With an advanced heating system, this will be the best addition to your salon!

6th Head Styling Technology Masterpiece Pro Ionic Hair Dryer

6th Head Styling Technology Masterpiece Pro Ionic Hair Dryer

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $262.98

The 6th Sentiment Masterpiece Pro Ionic Hair Dryer is entirely handcrafted in France for Europe's finest salons. It features legendary reliability and unheard of rank. At 1600 Watts, the Masterpiece Pro uses less power, but still packs a punch. Despite its compact footprint, and ultra find weight, it is strong enough to make quick work of drying your hair, thick or thin. Don't be surprised if you don't need a flat iron. Many of you won't. And if you do, your iron won't have much occupation to do. The Masterpiece Pro's unique Dual Ion Generator switch is more than meets the eye. Turn it on for sleek silky hair. Turn it off to build more volume. You get the best of both worlds and goodbye frizz! Its salon configuration includes patented ergonomics that ease hand, arm and shoulder strain normally associated with normal hair dryers. It weighs in at a mere 12 ounces and has a polished heavy duty cord with a circuit breaker safety feature. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel, yet mighty enough for hours of daily salon use. Combine that with Anti-Shock Buttons, its ability to perch itself on your counter with its built in stand, 2 career settings and 2 heat settings, two concentrator nozzles and you have a winner. We include pampering customer service as well. We stand by our 2-Year Commitment - if anything goes wrong, just email us at info@sixthsensestylingtechnology.com and we never quibble. We handle it fast so you don't have to. So treat yourself to an exquisite experience and you'll not in a million years go back to an ordinary hair dryer.


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