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The Handyguys discuss dishwasher detergent, phosphate, environmental impact and getting those dishes clean. Why not check out this episode to discover one.

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Lake Champlain and the high cost of clean water

Bans on winter manure spreading by farms and the use of phosphates in dishwashing detergents have helped somewhat. The treasurer's report states that, “The federal Clean Water Act requires the state to increase efforts to curtail both point and

P&G Removing Phosphates from All Dishwasher Tablets, Boosting Performance and Water Savings

Phosphates, which are used to soften hard water, can deplete oxygen levels, and cause algae blooms and even fish deaths when they make it into public water supplies. P&G already eliminated phosphates from its laundry detergents sold in the US in the 

The Dishwasher Wars

The category got a lot less sleepy in July 2010 when, for environmental reasons, several states banned the use of phosphates as an ingredient in dishwasher detergent. (Phosphates can cause algae overgrowth in lakes and ponds, disrupting the ecosystem.) 

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Finish Electrasol All in 1 Action Gelpacs, Fresh 20 ea

Finish Electrasol All in 1 Action Gelpacs, Fresh 20 ea

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All in 1 Deep Clean plus Jet-Dry Shine100% Concentrated GelFinish®The New Name For. Electrasol20 Gelpacs =17. 6 oz of Gel#1 Recommended Brand*The revolutionary Pre-Soakers burst into action to help soften the toughest food residues for easy removal. Detergent removes even the toughest stains and gently scrubs your dishes, glasses and silverware sparkling clean. Jet-Dry Rinse Agent action helps eliminate spots and film. Contains 100% Concentrated Gel Dissolves Completely No Unwrapping with Etch-Protector®*Electrasol is safe for septic systems. Box made from 100% recycled paper (minimum 100% post-consumer)Phosphorus Content: This Electrasol Formula averages not more than 4. 5% Phosphorus, in the form of phosphates, which is equivalent to 0. 72 grams per tablespoon per use level. *More leading dishwasher brands recommended Electrasol Products than any other brand. *Etchingcan appear on the surface of glassware after multiple dishwashing cycles. With regular use, Electrasol with Etch-Protector helps prevent permanent etching. Questions? Comments? Call 1-800-228-4722Made in USA


Phosphorus Dishwasher Detergent -
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Dishwashing Detergent With Phosphorus -
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HISTORICAL PERSPECITVE OF THE PHOSPHATE DETERGENT CONFLICT. ... A primary reason for these deleterious changes in water quality was the high levels of phosphorus, ...

Phosphorus Detergents Consumer world: phosphate dishwasher detergent ...

Phosphorus Detergents Consumer world: phosphate dishwasher detergent ...
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Phosphorus Detergent Dishwasher detergents.

Phosphorus Detergent Dishwasher detergents.
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Commercial Dishwasher: Commercial Dishwasher Detergent Phosphates

Commercial Dishwasher: Commercial Dishwasher Detergent Phosphates
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Laundry Detergent Powder
Ingredients:club soda

Dishwasher Salmon
Ingredients:butter, lemon, onions, salmon

Earth Scrub (a green "soft scrub") all-purpose cleaner
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Are you Slowly Poisoning your Family with this Common Household Product?
02/06/17, via

Some dishwasher tabs are more than 30 percent phosphates! However, there are human health problems as well as major environmental hazards associated with phosphates. Phosphate residues on items that have been cleaned with phosphate-containing detergents ...

Dept. of Ecology offering tips to maximize phosphate-free detergents
01/02/17, via KHQ

reports that the 10-month-old ban on high-phosphate dishwasher detergents is beginning to pay off for the Spokane River. The agency is now offering consumer tips for those of you who are having difficulty with the transition to the newer phosphate-free ...

Phosphates in Dishwasher Detergent
08/01/16, via Buzzle

This article puts forth the various aspects of the use of phosphates in dishwasher detergents, and whether it is recommended. Keep reading to know more on this debatable topic. It is a common thing for us to make use of dishwasher detergents to clean our ...