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Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner - Corded

  • Long reach 22 power cord
  • 5 flex hose helps to clean spots and...

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Bob Schmidt shows you a method of getting up tough stains using tools and supplies you probably already have in your house. This method is child safe using.

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8 Clever Solutions for the Most Annoying Window Cleaning Problems

Black or gray mildew spots on wooden frames can be cleaned for good with a solution of 2 ounces of household bleach and 1 ounce of laundry detergent in a quart of water. Wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands, sponge the solution on the spots, let

Special Truck Powered Vacuum System Cleans Floors

Only deep, professional cleaning by certified technicians can preserve the life and beauty of your carpeted floors. No one can clean and protect your carpet like Dirt Free. They spot clean, and treat any problem area where there is heavy foot traffic

Hoover Freedom FD22G review

It took about a nano-second after getting the Hoover Freedom out of the box to realise that the main cleaner is all but identical to arch-rival Vax's SlimVac Total Home. A couple of different mouldings and slightly different colour, but essentially the

8 Clever Solutions for the Most Annoying Window Cleaning Problems - Reader's Digest


Steal this tip from the pros: Use a window-washing squeegee with a smooth, soft rubber edge (or crumpled-up black-and-white newspaper—avoid the color sections). Dry a 1-inch strip at the top or side of each window and always start your squeegee there. Starting on dry glass is one key to avoiding streaks. Don’t wash windows in direct sunlight, because quickly dried glass is more susceptible to streaking. Evenings or cloudy days are the best times for window washing. Wash with a bleach-detergent solution. Black or gray mildew spots on wooden frames can be cleaned for good with a solution of 2 ounces of household bleach and 1 ounce of laundry detergent in a quart of water. Wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands, sponge the solution on the spots, let it sit for ten minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Dust or wash them. Dust shades regularly with a soft cloth, a duster such as the Swiffer, or the dusting brush on your vacuum. (Be sure to dust both sides of the shades. ) If they’re stained or spotted, it’s time for a real cleaning. Though you can wash them in place (with a drop cloth over the floor and furniture), it’s best to remove the shades. Place one shade at a time across a worktable covered with a plastic sheet or shower curtain. Wash vinyl shades using a sponge and a solution of 1⁄4 cup white vinegar in 1 quart of warm water. Run some warm water in the tub, add a squirt of dishwashing liquid, and wipe each side with a large sponge. To rise, dunk them in clean water or hold them under the shower. Then wipe with a clean, soft cloth. Many fabric shades can also be washed, but take a close look at the care instructions before washing them. It’s best not to leave them in the water for more than a minute. While furnace and air conditioner filters extend the life of your appliances, they also help trap that dirt. Filters should be changed every month or two, or anytime you can’t see through the filter when you hold it up to a light. Cleaning your air conditioning filter regularly is also an inexpensive way to keep your house cooler. Wash them with ammonia solution. Mix 1 cup of lemon-scented ammonia in 21⁄2 gallons of water and scrub the windows. The ammonia will cut through the grime, and the lemon scent will leave your house habitable. If you don't have scented ammonia, place a homemade air freshener in the room. Remove and wash them outside. Using a broad, soft-bristled brush, scrub both sides of the screens with warm or hot water and lemon-scented dishwashing detergent. Pick up the screen by its edges, hold it at an angle so most of the screen surface is facing the ground, and rap one edge lightly against a firm surface.

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Bissell 801 Oxy GEN 2 Multi-Precisely Cleaner For Bissell Spot Bot - 32 Oz.

Bissell 801 Oxy GEN 2 Multi-Precisely Cleaner For Bissell Spot Bot - 32 Oz.

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $13.83

Bissell 32oz Oxy GEN2 Multi Precisely Oxygen Boost Solution CONVENIENT - No mixing of powder and water VERSATILE - Use in the Bissell SpotBot, as a pretreater for carpet and laundry, or a spot and pigment remover PERMANENT REMOVAL - When used as directed in the Bissell SpotBot, the system will permanently remove stains like red wine, cola, and fruit extract POWERFUL - Deeply penetrates to thoroughly remove tough stains like red wine, cola, and fruit juice from carpets.

Woolite Spot & Shame Carpet Cleaner, 14 oz

Woolite Spot & Shame Carpet Cleaner, 14 oz

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $16.16

Oxygen-activated blemish remover. Introducing the next generation of carpet spot cleaning. The new way to clean Green! Environmentally friendly formula and packaging-biodegradable surfactants, recyclable container and low VOC formula. Removes your toughest set-in stains all the way to the backing. Red wine, cola, coffee/tea, fruit juice, gravy, motor oil, pet stains like urine, toss one's cookies and feces and more! Great for pet messes. Permanently removes tough set-in stains. Environmentally friendly. Patented odor elimination - well-known for removing pet odors. Discourages pets from recoiling the same area. Leaves a clean, fresh scent. Safe for all carpet types, including wool, nylon, acrylic and tinge resistant carpet. Safe for use around children and pets, when used as directed. Minimal solvent content and no hazardous propellants. This issue is non-caustic, non-flammable and does not contain phosphates. Made in USA.


Best Carpet Spot Cleaners for Stains and Spots
The best carpet spot cleaners including Bissell's popular models for cleaning spots and stains on your area rugs and carpets. Carpet Spot Cleaners
Product Features... Spot Cleaner removes tough spots and stains from carpet, stairs ...

Carpet Spot Cleaners -
FREE 2-Day Shipping Electronics & Office Movies, Music & Books Home, Furniture & Appliances Home Improvement & Patio Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry Baby & Toddler Toys ...

Shop Resolve Carpet Cleaner at

Shop Resolve Carpet Cleaner at
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Best Carpet Spot Cleaners for Carpet, Upholstery Stains, Spots

Best Carpet Spot Cleaners for Carpet, Upholstery Stains, Spots
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Best Carpet Spot Cleaners For Stains And Spots | 2016 Car Release Date

Best Carpet Spot Cleaners For Stains And Spots | 2016 Car Release Date
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Carpet care and stain removal
4 pages

Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations
Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations
Published by John Wiley & Sons 2007
ISBN 9780471762447,047176244X
477 pages

Now in its fifth edition, Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations is the essential practical introduction to the field, a complete course ranging from key principles of management to budgeting, from staff scheduling to cleaning. With expanded attention to leadership and training, budgeting and cost control, and the increasingly vital responsibility for environmentally safe cleaning, the latest edition of this industry standard also includes new case studies that help readers grasp concepts in a real-world setting. Instructor's Manual, Test Bank in both Word and Respondus formats, Photographs from the text, and PowerPoint Slides are available for download at

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Carpeting & Dogs DO Go Together
03/03/17, via

Wipe up spills as quickly as possible. While Relax, it’s…Lees carpet repels liquid much longer than others, the sooner you clean up a spill, the less likely it will turn into a stain. • If you do have stains, there are many pet-safe cleaning ...

Good Housekeeping magazine's 'golden rules for stain removal'
03/03/17, via ABC News

Use an absorbent cloth:Place underneath fabric to “catch” residue as stain fades and keep it from spreading. The Cleaning Lab finds paper towels or small cotton dishtowels work best. Try our carpet trick: Once a stain is gone, cover with a stack of ...

How to get rid of the top three household odours
03/02/17, via Stuff

So the solution if you have an offending rear end breed, is to spot clean the areas of the carpet that the dog tends to favour as a resting spot, using a good quality wet vac and a reliable carpet cleaner product with a small percentage of alkaline in ...

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HaringAi learns about vacuum cleaners

Third in a set of five photos about the rapid evolution of HaringAi - Haringey Council's Artificial Intelligence Report-a-Problem online e-form. ________________________ Back in April 2008, I felt I'd begun to make friends with HaringAi. Spotting this dumped vacuum cleaner I supplied my electronic chum with a street-name and a real house number. But like a small child, it kept asking for more information. Realising its database was then at an early stage, I typed into the Council's webform: "A vacuum cleaner is a domestic cleaning machine which uses suction to remove unwanted matter - for example, crumbs, dust, cat hairs etc - from household objects like furniture; and surfaces such as carpets and other flooring. This model - dumped on the pavement in Carew Road - can be easily spotted by its shiny cherry-red colour." ______________________ Third in a set of five photos ◄◄ First photo | | ◄ Second photo | | ► Fourth photo | | ►► Fifth photo & what...

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