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Titillating Magic 900 Carpet Stain & Spot Lifter - 22 oz. Aerosol Can

  • Easy to use, works on old or fresh stains
  • Instant-no vacuuming

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How to Remove Any Carpet Stain - Martha Stewart

Anduin Havens demonstrates the products you'll need to remove almost any carpet stain—no matter how stubborn. Brought to you by Martha Stewart:.

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Writing Pairing Plates and Pop Culture in Lara Vapnyar's 'Still Here'

My first husband used to prohibit food in the living room so we didn't stain the furniture. Sometimes, when the house was empty, I would sneak food (usually The horror of dropping pasta with tomato sauce onto the carpet! We had to get divorced. I

Police reports reveal grim details of Rosa Garibay's death

Garibay said he then turned the shower on to clean blood off his wife, when his children returned home. Gonazalo Garibay told detectives he According to the search warrant, detectives found a large amount of blood under the trunk of the carpet in

A summer vacation guide to clean rugs

Niederquell recommends blotting the stain using cold water and a clean white cloth. Once that has been done, apply a generous amount of salt to draw out the stain's moisture and let it stand for a few hours. Afterward, discard the salt and vacuum

Cleaning Tips

Source: Remarkable Musings

Often window frames were made from timber, mainly because it was readily available and easy to work with. His hold on life is tenuous – fingertips gripping the window frame as he goes about his task. Lastly, dry off the remaining drips from the window by wiping them with a damp chamois. Clear Choice Window Cleaning assures you that you will have the brightest and cleanest windows in Las Vegas. Domestic window cleaning, commercial cleans, retail shop fronts, owners corporations, offices, medical centres, aged care facilities, the list goes on and we can provide cleaners for them all. Our window cleaners have vast cleaning experience and are fully qualified to take your job. This type of window security bars raises the bar with alarm triggers in home security protection. Installing a window air conditioner is usually quite simple however you want to be sure you have the proper support system in place so that you don’t risk the unit falling out unexpectedly. A professional window cleaning service won’t leave your building until all the windows are squeaky clean. This is because even though the powerful vacuum they use removes most of the water, the carpet will be slightly damp for up to 24 hours after the cleaning and this moisture might affect the stain on the furniture and cause it to damage the carpet. However even if you just opt for window cleaning, removing the screen from windows might be necessary to clean the windows. Also, have a terry cloth rag handy to wipe the window which will help to avoid streaking. Residential window cleaning prices depend on the number and size of the window panes and how intricate the cleaning process will be. In order to get the most out of what you are willing to pay for, make sure to ask beforehand the company’s... It is the way this filter is cleaned that gives rise to the biodiesel difficulties. PSP diagnosed patients often have a window of 4-10 years, on an average 7 years until their death. I have lot’s of clients ask me if i could clean some of the house Fascia, Eaves, House sides, Cladding, Pergolas and cleaning out the gutters. So this is the reason why most of the industries prefer commercial cleaning professionals to maintain their cleaning process. To help you with your cleaning problems there are a lot of professional cleaning services that you can call to attend to your cleaning solutions. Window cleaning is not something that has to be done every day. in fact, cleaning it once or twice a year is more than enough. There are a variety of domestic window grilles offered in several price ranges.

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Pet Stain and Odor Carpet Cleaner, 22oz Aerosol, 6/Carton

Pet Stain and Odor Carpet Cleaner, 22oz Aerosol, 6/Carton


Price: $28.61

Pet Stain and Odor Carpet Cleaner, 22oz Aerosol, 6/Carton

Determine Pet Stain Spot Carpet Cleaner, 22 oz

Determine Pet Stain Spot Carpet Cleaner, 22 oz

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $28.61

Extreme Traffic Foam has a unique cleaning and protective formula, protects against future dirt and greasy stains from setting into carpet fibers, to expropriate make cleaning large areas of carpet and upholstery easier.


Carpet Cleaners | Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal | Chem-Dry
Chem-Dry carpet cleaners use carbonation for a deep carpet cleaning, not harsh chemicals or detergents, making it safe and non-toxic for kids and pets

STAINMASTER™ Carpet Stain Remover
STAINMASTER ™ Carpet Stain Remover lifts away tough stains and is specifically designed to begin cleaning on contact while penetrating deep into carpet fibers.

STAINMASTER™ Stain Removers - cleaners
STAINMASTER™ stain removers for carpet, rug, and pet stains

Carpet cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning in Richmond KY

Carpet cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning in Richmond KY
Image by

How to Clean Carpet Stains: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Clean Carpet Stains: A Comprehensive Guide
Image by

Local Carpet Cleaners Carpet Repairs Tile Cleaning Melbourne Australia

Local Carpet Cleaners Carpet Repairs Tile Cleaning Melbourne Australia
Image by

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The Queen of Clean's Complete Cleaning Guide
The Queen of Clean's Complete Cleaning Guide
Published by Rodale 2002
ISBN 1579546609,9781579546601
392 pages

Talking Dirty Laundry With The Queen Of Clean
Talking Dirty Laundry With The Queen Of Clean
Published by Simon and Schuster 2012
ISBN 9781471109379,1471109372
192 pages

Once upon a time, in a world fraught with shrinking jeans, dry-cleaning debacles, and endangered delicates, laundry was a dreaded chore. Then one happy day, the Queen of Clean put an end to the vicious wash-and-dry cycle - with her all-new collection of ingenious tips and natural solutions for stress-free washing, ironing, sorting and stain-busting! Let the Queen show you how to: * Remove spots, stains, scorch marks and odours * Soften hard water and save clothes from a dull, grey fate * Make your own fabric softener sheets in a snap * Say good-bye to pink socks with a foolproof colourfastness test * Line-dry clothes without hanger lumps or clothespin marks * Decipher those fabric care symbols on clothing tags * Get the scoop on home dry-cleaning kits * Discover the secrets to lint-free...

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@katie_moore16 take to a dry cleaners or use a carpet cleaner with icy stain remover Should be as good as new.


Five second rule for the #cake. For the stain, though, check this out:

Cooking recipes

Pet Stain/Odor Remover - for Carpet
Ingredients:baking soda

Pantry Cleaners Fish Stew Recipe
Ingredients:tomato, garlic, onions, tuna, vegetable broth

Carpet Freshener Great For Pet Owners Recipe
Ingredients:baking soda, cornmeal, vegetable oil, vegetable oil

Crystal Ornaments (Borax)

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A summer vacation guide to clean rugs
07/31/16, via Philadelphia Daily News

If that option isn't available, however, Derek Niederquell of 1-800 Water Damage - a national firm in property restoration specializing in water, fire, and carpet cleaning - offers ... Niederquell recommends blotting the stain using cold water and a ...

Cleaning and maintaining your carpets is no rocket science
07/29/16, via Money Control

Use a wet cloth and wipe it clean. Let it dry after the area is cleaned out. If the stain or dirt persists, use a mild shampoo or carpet cleaning powder over the area. Let the cleaning solution rest over the area for some time and then using a clean wet ...

How to Go From Carpet to Hardwood
07/27/16, via PopSugar Celebrity

Grab some wood cleaner and scrub at it until it's ... trapped atop the wood but couldn't escape because of the carpet over it for years. "Those black discolorations, whether from water or pet stains, probably won't go away even if you sand them.


Blotchiness that won't go away from sanding. This is due to using commercial carpet cleaners on rugs! We ended up staining the oak with a "Gunstock" shade to minimize the blotchiness.

Photo by dawniecakes


Blotchiness that won't go away from sanding. This is due to using commercial carpet cleaners on rugs! We ended up staining the oak with a "Gunstock" shade to minimize the blotchiness.

Photo by dawniecakes

CD vsSteam
CD vsSteam

Cleaning with Chem-Dry is Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.® You can see the difference! Because Chem-Dry uses about 1/5th the water altogether that is left behind by other cleaners, carpet cleaned with Chem-Dry is dry in just 1-2 hours, not 1-2 days. Traditional steam cleaning uses far more water, and at high pressure, which forces dirt and spills deep into the carpet, which can even soak the pad and flooring. Carpet and upholstery cleaned with Chem-Dry gets cleaner and stays cleaner longer with virtually no reappearing stains. And Chem-Dry's core cleaning solution, The Natural®, is GREEN-certified, ph-balanced, and non-toxic. Call 530-891-6747 or 530-673-4040 for a FREE phone estimate from Chem-Dry of North Valley.

Photo by tracywoolery