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Case Example of the Invasive Species Scotch Broom

This is a case example of how quickly scotch broom spreads. It is also an example of how forest planning needs to include invasive species management.

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Taking aim at Scotch broom

Santiam Broomfest is at hand. No, it's not some post Halloween coven congregating to forge a few more wears from bewitching costumes, but rather an energetic group taking aim at the pesky and persistent invasive plant called Scotch broom. Organizer Don 

Hundreds of acres to be thinned for elk habitat near Mount St ...

Thanks to $40000 from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the state will thin hundreds of acres in the Mount St. Helens Wilderness for elk habitat preservation 

Trail of the Week: Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve

Controlled burns are used to rid the field of invasive plants such as Scotch broom. On clear days you can see Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens from Mima Mounds. Directions: From Interstate 5, take Exit 95 and drive west on state Route 121 (Maytown 

Media release: ‘Snotty gobble’ could be good weed controller

Source: Environment Institute Blog

A native parasitic plant found commonly throughout south-eastern Australia, is showing great promise as a potential biological control agent against introduced weeds that cost millions of dollars every year to control. University of Adelaide research has found that the native vine Cassytha pubescens , better known as snotty gobble, is able to kill gorse, blackberry and Scotch broom, while not damaging native shrubs. “Parasitic plants attach to host plants via ‘suckers’, latching on and sucking out the water and nutrients so they can grow at the expense of the plants they infect,” says Robert Cirocco , recent PhD graduate in the University’s School of... “ Cassytha is particularly successful, growing on pretty much anything, and very effective against several designated ‘Weeds of National Significance’ such as European gorse, blackberry and Scotch broom. “These introduced weeds cost millions of dollars annually to eradicate from farmland, forestry, roadsides, national parks and other environmental areas. They have significant negative impacts on native vegetation and biodiversity and can increase bushfire risk. “ Cassytha , as a promising native biocontrol agent, has huge potential in cutting costs of weed control, and reducing the negative impact of weeds on the environment. The most recent research, published in the journal New Phytologist by Dr Cirocco, Professor Jennifer R. Watling and Associate Professor José M. Facelli , shows that Cassytha pubescens strongly affects performance of gorse, (which is a... A native legume, Acacia paradoxa , was much less affected. “Parasitic plants are well known to remove nitrogen from their host plants but little was known about whether nitrogen in the soil affects their impact on host plants that are legumes, including gorse,” says Dr Cirocco. “In low nitrogen environments, legumes boost their relationships with nitrogen-fixing bacteria, which comes at an additional energy cost to the plant. It was possible that plants could be more vulnerable to Cassytha under low nitrogen. “However, we found that manipulation of nitrogen supply had no influence on the effect of Cassytha on either the introduced weed or native legume plant host. These findings suggest that Cassytha continues to show promise as a native biocontrol for major invasive shrubs in Australia, while not damaging native plants, regardless of soil nitrogen conditions. Dr Cirocco says there is still more work to be done before Cassytha could be used as a biocontrol. Media release: Investigating native plants for South Australian pickles The University of Adelaide will work with South Australian food manufacturer Spring Gully Foods to investigate potential sources of food colourings among Australian native... Innovation Connections encourages and assists small and medium businesses to access knowledge, engage […]. Killer vine helps destroy invasive European weeds A recent article in New Scientist has highlighted research by Robert Cirocco from the... Many weeds that were introduced into Australia by the European settlers of the early 1800s are now causing native plants to struggle in their natural environments. Research into the use of the […]. ResearchByte: How do plants adapt to climate change. Many plants, and trees in particular, have been standing where they are today for 100s and even 1000s of years. Will this intrinsic ability to stay put and cope with changing conditions help them survive the rapid and human-induced climate change […]. Media Release: Alien plants and animals drive native species to extinction Accidentally or deliberately...

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Invasive Species: Plants - Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius)
A species profile for Scotch Broom from USDA's National Invasive Species Information Center.

Scotch Broom - Washington Invasive Species Council
Scotch broom is an upright shrub in the pea family, with yellow flowers. It grows primarily in open, dry meadows and along roads. Scotch broom crowds out ...

Scotch Broom | Invasive Species Council of British ...
Scotch Broom Species Cytisus scoparius. Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) is an escaped garden ornamental, common west of the Coast-Cascade Mountains in southwest BC ...

Scotch Broom is considered a priority species for the PEI Invasive ...

Scotch Broom is considered a priority species for the PEI Invasive ...
Image by

Remove Scotch Broom! |

Remove Scotch Broom! |
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Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius) | PEI Invasive Species Council

Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius) | PEI Invasive Species Council
Image by

Google Books

Invasive Plant Medicine
Invasive Plant Medicine
Published by Inner Traditions / Bear & Co 2010
ISBN 9781594779060,1594779066
384 pages

The first book to demonstrate how plants originally considered harmful to the environment actually restore Earth’s ecosystems and possess powerful healing properties • Explains how invasive plants enhance biodiversity, purify ecosystems, and revitalize the land • Provides a detailed look at the healing properties of 25 of the most common invasive plants Most of the invasive plant species under attack for disruption of local ecosystems in the United States are from Asia, where they play an important role in traditional healing. In opposition to the loud chorus of those clamoring for the eradication of all these plants that, to the casual observer, appear to be a threat to native flora, Timothy Scott shows how these opportunistic plants are restoring health to Earth’s ecosystems. Far less...

Invasive Plants
Invasive Plants
Published by Stackpole Books 2016
ISBN 9780811702843,0811702847
518 pages

Identify and understand the plants that are changing the North American landscape forever.

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Need a way to remove Himalayan Blackberry, Scotch Broom & other invasive plants? via @OrecAmerica #OrecOPE

Cooking recipes

Scotch Screwdriver
Ingredients:scotch, orange, orange juice, apple

Scotch Eggs with Mustard Sauce
Ingredients:bread crumbs, marjoram, parsley, eggs, eggs, eggs, lemon zest, mayonnaise, nutmeg, vegetable oil, sausage, salt, sugar, mustard

Baked Scotch Eggs
Ingredients:eggs, eggs, bread crumbs, flour, pork chops, black pepper, sage, salt, thyme

Scotch Broth Recipe
Ingredients:barley, bay leaves, bay leaves, beef broth, broth, carrot, carrot, celery, beef, beef, onions, onions, rutabaga, salt, soup, white cabbage

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Hundreds of acres to be thinned for elk habitat near Mount St. Helens
11/11/16, via Longview Daily News

“(The forest floors) basically become the desert.” Along Bear Creek, volunteers helped remove Scotch broom, the ubiquitous, invasive yellow flowering shrub, along the banks and plant several varieties of trees and shrubs to create understory and ...

Nov. 20: Learn to thwart forest weeds at WSU Extension expo
11/10/16, via Washington State University News

EVERETT, Wash. – Blackberries, ivy, holly, Scotch broom, reed canary grass and knotweed are a few of the invasive weeds that plague landowners. The Washington State University Extension forestry program will offer an expo to equip landowners to combat ...

Celebrate trees and bash the bad plants this Sunday in Uplands
11/02/16, via BC Local News

From noon to 4 p.m. remove invasive plants like English ivy, Daphne laureola and Scotch broom to help the endangered Garry oak ecosystem. Boasting one of the highest concentrations of rare and endangered plants in Canada, the park contains the remnants of ...

Invasive Scotch Broom MacDonald Rd  June 2 2014
Invasive Scotch Broom MacDonald Rd June 2 2014

the roofs of those houses are at least 2 blocks away so the broom is only about 8 ft tall.

Photo by BluebearsLani

Invasive Scotch Broom June 2 2014
Invasive Scotch Broom June 2 2014

This aggressive, invasive plant has taken over 10s of thousands of acres on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Many groups are working very hard every year to try to eradicate this plant that makes it impossible for native plants to grow near it. It looks great and smells wonderful so people have helped to spread it by planting it in their gardens. Many people are allergic to this sweet fragrance.

Photo by BluebearsLani

Invasive Scotch Broom - photo taken from our van moving at 50 km/h June 2 2014
Invasive Scotch Broom - photo taken from our van moving at 50 km/h June 2 2014

This road was lined with Broom on both sides for miles and miles. Sadly that is not an unusual occurrence here on the Island or in many other areas of BC either.

Photo by BluebearsLani