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CURLING: Learn More - About Sweeping

Why do curlers sweep the ice in front of the curling stone. These are some of the most common questions people have about curling.

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Curling calm restored with new broom rules

Team Newfoundland and Labrador skip Brad Gushue reacts as his shot enters the house during the gold medal game against Team Alberta at the Brier curling championship Sunday March 13, 2016 in Ottawa. Elite curlers now have the same fabric — an 

World Curling Federation bans the 'Frankenbroom'

All sweeping hell broke loose at curling's highest levels last winter when super-coated brush fabric allowed curlers to manipulate the trajectory of a stone in ways never seen before. Accurate shot-making took a back seat to steering stones down the

Curling broom changes welcomed by competitive players

The changes to curling brooms are welcomed by competitive curlers, says Ashley Howard, executive director of CurlSask. "Overall, we're happy to be all on the same level playing field," Howard said. "It was difficult to think one team had an advantage

Fareeha pokes her head through the door. Dozens of small candles line the walls and caskets, wax...

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Fareeha pokes her head through the door. A staircase descends at the far end of the room, shadows curling at the edge of the topmost stair. Angela is still on the ground, gropping slowly for her broom, her face obscured by her hat. “Looks like you’ve made a grave mistake,” Fareeha says. “Dont,” Angela replies softly. “I thought we’d found another dead end,” Fareeha goes on, helping her stand. Fareeha is cut off by a loud groan and the sound of many scuffling feet, all coming from the darkness below the stairs at the far end of the room. “Thank god,” Angela says, “saved. tumblrNotesLoaded)if(tumblrNotesLoaded(notes_html)==false)return. var more_notes_link=document. getElementById('more_notes_151881292696'). var notes=more_notes_link[removed]. removeChild(more_notes_link). notes[removed]+=notes_html. tumblrNotesInserted)tumblrNotesInserted(notes_html). open('GET','/notes/151881292696/Ez352btTs. return false. ">Show more notes

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Men With Brooms

Men With Brooms

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What could be funnier than the sport, played with a broom, that so clearly separates americans from canadians? Leslie nielsen stars as the eccentric coach of a dysfunctional curling team on a quest to win canada's greatest curling event, the golden broom.

Floor Sweep and Handle, Oak

Floor Sweep and Handle, Oak

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Floor Sweep and Handle features a wood block that is doublefilled with a heavy polypropylene center and flagged polypropylene around the outside. Floor sweep is designed to pick up both fine and medium particles. Heavyduty, allpurpose floor sweep includes a 11/4 x 60 hardwood handle that provides sturdy workability.


Curling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Curling was invented in medieval Scotland, with the first written reference to a contest using stones on ice coming from the records of Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire ...

Curling Brushes | Goldline Curling Supplies
Curling brushes available for all levels of play, from beginner to WCF certified.

Curling's broom boom leads to player meeting in Toronto ...
Read 'Curling's broom boom leads to player meeting in Toronto; Are regulations coming?' on Yahoo Sports Canada. In the wake of technological advances that are ...

556 0 description comments 0 curling broom 3d model curling broom ...

556 0 description comments 0 curling broom 3d model curling broom ...
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curling stone brooms max - Curling Stone and Brooms... by Tornado ...

curling stone brooms max - Curling Stone and Brooms... by Tornado ...
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Curling Broom

Curling Broom
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Google Books

Silver Broom Curling School
44 pages

Curling For Dummies
Curling For Dummies
Published by John Wiley & Sons 2009
ISBN 9780470676936,0470676930
384 pages

With the Winter 2006 Olympics bringing Canada our first gold medal in curling, the sport's popularity is at an all-time high in this country, and its international presence is growing. In the five years since the publication of the first edition of Curling For Dummies, Canadian attendance at curling tournaments and viewership of televised curling has skyrocketed. Twenty new nations have joined the World Curling Federation. Curling’s profile isn't the only thing that's changed since the first edition was published — so too have the game's rules, equipment, and technique. Profiles of players, listings of television coverage and events, and memorable curling shots also need to be updated for the second edition. As the most comprehensive and up-to-date book available, Curling For Dummies...

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RT @karshitt: when people call a broom a "curling stick"


RT @TheDailyCowman: There is not a single curling broom being used in Canada at this moment......tying run to the plate


RT @TheDailyCowman: There is not a single curling broom being used in Canada at this moment......tying run to the plate

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Jenkyns ready to rock
10/19/16, via Great West Newspapers

The new Curling Canada sweeping regulations are in effect for provincials and curlers are required to use same broom head. “Each curling club can kind of decide (about broom heads) and our curling club had said whatever you have is fine but Travelers ...

World Curling Federation bans the ‘Frankenbroom’
10/19/16, via Toronto Star

CALGARY—The start of this curling season is an attempt to stuff the sweeping genie ... There were fears the abrasive fabric in brooms damaged the ice. Confusion over what should be allowed and what shouldn’t caused bad blood between teams.

York Curling Club rocks 60th anniversary
10/18/16, via York Region

As for the sport itself, Carter remembers when the ice was natural but admits the switch to artificial ice has contributed to the ability to truly control the curling rocks. Brooms have gone from straw brooms like the ones grandmothers used to sweep the ...

Curling Brooms
Curling Brooms

Photo by Kathy Cassidy


Photo by velkr0


I created this design inspired by Olympic curling and Art Deco posters.

Photo by ChrisM70