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FASTEST HEATING soldering iron: electric vs butane vs rechargeable review

THE TOP FASTEST heating soldering iron comparing electric vs butane vs rechargeable battery iso-tip review, the fastest heating welding soldering iron ready .

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Building Your Own Personal Weather Station Is a Breeze

Instead, look for a coin-sized thermometer that slots into the motherboard. You can waterproof one if you're good with a soldering iron or crimper, but save yourself the time and buy something like Adafruit's modified, waterproofed DS18B20. It should

How to get rid of hum and eliminate other noises from your audio and video systems

build your own hum eliminator for about $10 or $15. You'll find plenty of information online that will tell you how to do it, but the task requires some skill with a soldering iron and similar tools. . Copper wire with gold connectors are the

How to Fix Everything

It happened suddenly, like most of these stories do. My alarm went off. I kicked my leg out as I jolted awake, making solid contact with my new laptop, which was innocently lying at the foot of my hotel bed for some reason. It landed on a chair leg

Building Your Own Personal Weather Station Is a Breeze - WIRED

Source: www.wired.com

[/caption] --> Temperature Most consumer thermometers have sealed displays that you’ll never see once they’re in the weather station, and they can be annoyingly bulky when mounted in a housing. Instead, look for a coin-sized thermometer that slots into the motherboard. You can waterproof one if you’re good with a soldering iron or crimper, but save yourself the time and buy something like Adafruit’s modified, waterproofed DS18B20. It should look like a cable with a thick stainless steel pin on one end. That’s the part that will pick up measurements, so mount the pin inside the vented housing but outside the waterproof motherboard enclosure, and connect the other end to your motherboard. Strenfel says your housing plays an important role in keeping the sensor stable: “The main key is it needs a solar radiation shield to shade the thermometer from the sun. If the sensor is exposed to direct sunlight, it will register too hot. Humidity The hygrometer is a polymer sensor that absorbs water from the surrounding air. Electric current flowing through it slows down as water soaks into it, so it measures relative humidity by clocking how quickly electricity moves through it. You can buy a combined thermometer/hygrometer sensor. Otherwise, mount this one near the thermometer inside the housing but outside the waterproof motherboard enclosure, and connect it to the motherboard. The two sensors must be close so they measure the same small sample of air. Air Pressure Skip the analog barometer and buy a digital one that uses an electronic pressure sensor. As atmospheric pressure increases, the weight of all that air presses down on it, sending an electrical signal to the motherboard. Tracking changes in air pressure plays into forecasting storms and the movement of cold and warm fronts. Connect this sensor directly to the motherboard inside the waterproof container or alongside the thermometer and hygrometer in the ventilated housing. Rainfall Buy a standalone rain gauge. Rain collects in a self-tipping tray that empties when it fills with 0. 01 inch of water. Each time it empties, a sensor sends a signal to your motherboard, so if it tips 100 times, it’s measured an inch of rain. The measured rainwater drains out of the bottom of the gauge and falls to the ground. Bolt it to the pole opposite the housing and with an unobstructed view of the sky. Debris can catch loosely swinging wires and tear them down in bad weather, so run the cable along the rain gauge mount, along the opposite housing mount, into the housing, and all the way to the motherboard. Wind Speed and Direction There are three types of anemometer worth buying: three-cup, propeller, and sonic. Wind spins the cups or propeller to measure wind speed, and turns a vane that figures wind direction. “From what I have seen, the propeller anemometer is usually more precise than the cup anemometer,” says Strenfel. Sonic types are less likely to break or freeze because they have no moving parts, but most cost more than $1,000. Whatever you buy, bolt it to the top of the pole. Wi-Fi It’s 2016, and the Particle Photon, Raspberry Pi 3, and certain Arduinos (such as Arduino Yún ) feature integrated Wi-Fi, so don’t bother with anything requiring aftermarket, plug-in wireless modules. Whatever you pick, hook it up to a monitor, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and follow the directions to connect the station to your home Wi-Fi. You only have to do this once, unless you buy a new router or change the router password. Placement Install the station over a natural surface (like grass) at least 100 feet away from paved surfaces—roads, sidewalks, driveways—and far from walls or trees that cast shadows on the housing, block rain from entering the rain gauge, or... Make sure the station housing is at least five feet above the ground or rooftop and that there’s nothing else within five feet of the rain gauge. Because a solar panel can get in the way of your station’s equipment, mount it separately on the roof or on its own stand, then run the power cable to the motherboard. The motherboard should now also power all the connected sensors. After it’s up and running, you should start receiving real-time weather data on your home network. You can connect it to a weather-sharing service like Weather Underground to improve local.

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PCMag.com is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.

Mac mini Hacks and Mods For Dummies
Mac mini Hacks and Mods For Dummies
Published by John Wiley & Sons 2006
ISBN 9780470006917,0470006919
384 pages

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PC Before the operation
PC Before the operation

My PC. The charging socket was broken off about two years ago. At the time I made a temporary repair, using and a flattened nail heated by a lighter as a soldering iron, and masking tape to strengthen the socket. It was time to do a better job for the next two years...

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