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The Trail-blazer Woman Timeless Cast Iron 10" Skillet with Helper Handle, Black

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Equipment Review: The Best Traditional and Enameled Cast-Iron Skillets

Cook It in Cast Iron: http://amzn. to/241tJtq Buy our winning traditional cast-iron skillet: http://amzn. to/1mDtKLo Buy our winning enameled.

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Ten Tigers Parlour preview: No lingering, unfortunately, in Petworth

And how sweet that Ma's father delivers the pot stickers, procured from a Chinese dumpling house in Chantilly. A recipe for Let's start with what works: Cheers all around for the soup dumplings, swollen with steaming (pork and chicken) broth and

10 great gifts that are also amazing values

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The 2 Best Cookbooks of 2016

2016 brought us some greats, from Naomi Pomeroy's thoughtfully instructive Taste & Technique (full review here) to Charlotte Druckman's truly out-of-the-box Stir, Sizzle, Bake: Recipes for Your Cast Iron Skillet. But the titles that both got me the

Ten Tigers Parlour preview: No lingering, unfortunately, in Petworth - Washington Post


Billed as Ten Tigers Parlour , the winter arrival offers Asian street snacks created by Tim Ma, chef-owner of the very good Kyirisan in Shaw. The owners include brothers Eric and Ian Hilton, the nightlife champions behind the Brixton and the Gibson, among other draws around town. And how sweet that Ma’s father delivers the pot stickers, procured from a Chinese dumpling house in Chantilly. A recipe for lines out the door. Let’s start with what works: Cheers all around for the soup dumplings, swollen with steaming (pork and chicken) broth and best tackled by nibbling a hole in the top or side and pouring a splash of black vinegar inside. The kitchen, led by former Kyirisan chef de cuisine Nyi Nyi Myint, makes 100 pieces on weekdays, more on weekends, and they’re a good reason to acquaint yourself with the rethought restaurant and bar. Bao buns, also made here, find zesty ground chicken swaddled in a fluffy pillow, its bottom crisped in a cast-iron pan. I’m also partial to the donburi, a big bowl of steamed rice decked out with slices of panko-crusted chicken (or braised pork belly), a fried egg and bright pickles. Combine the ingredients with your chopsticks, and you’ve got a homey Japanese dinner. But did anyone actually give the dining room a test run before reopening the doors. Online photographs of the interior suggest a romanticized opium den crossed with a tea room. Not even when I borrow a couple of votive candles from vacant tables can my party read the menu. Worse, low tables and hard white benches make eating difficult and lingering unthinkable. Thirty minutes into my last visit, a companion motions to his back and says, “Let’s get the check. ” There’s unfinished business on the table but no interest in wrapping up the skewered shrimp, onion and pineapple, their flavors masked by layers of sauces and seemingly a shaker’s worth of salt. On two occasions, the dish is a lone letdown from the kitchen. “We’re training a new bartender,” says our most recent server. She seems to be apologizing for the glacial wait for drinks rather than their sloppy execution. Suffice it to say, I’ve had Shirley Temples that tasted stronger than the Singapore sling made at Ten Tigers Parlour. Ma and Myint are more or less doing their part to fill the room. Let there be flashlights and cushions. 3813 Georgia Ave. 202-506-2080. tentigersdc. Small plates, $6 to $11. Tom Sietsema has been the Washington Post food critic since 2000. In leaner years, he worked for the Microsoft Corporation, where he launched sidewalk. the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. the San Francisco Chronicle. and the Milwaukee Journal. A graduate of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, he has also written for Food & Wine,

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5 BEST Cast Iron Cookware Reviews 2016
Highlights of cast iron cookware are extremely durable, heavy duty & colorful. Which cast iron gear is the best? See our top picks before buying.

Best Cast-Iron Skillets - Reviews - 2016 - Consumersearch
Best Cast-Iron Skillets. By: ... the cast-iron pan that earns the best overall reviews from both ... the Lodge frying pan gets slightly worse reviews for ...

Choosing the Best Cast Iron Cookware for Your Home | Foodal
Somewhat unusual for a style that has been around for more than 100 years, cast iron cookware has seen a resurgence of epic proportions in the last 10 years.

2016 Best Cast Iron Cookware | Product Reviews & Best of 2016

2016 Best Cast Iron Cookware | Product Reviews & Best of 2016
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cast iron set pre seasoned salient feature high quality cast iron ...

cast iron set pre seasoned salient feature high quality cast iron ...
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Google Books

Cast Iron Cooking For Dummies
Cast Iron Cooking For Dummies
Published by John Wiley & Sons 2011
ISBN 9781118053188,1118053184
360 pages

In some cooking circles, cast iron gets a bad rep – people think it's old-fashioned, heavy, and hard to take care of. And really, how often do folks nowadays need to hitch up a mule and wagon and leave civilization and Teflon-coated sauté pans behind? True, cast iron is old; it's been around since the Middle Ages. And it is heavy. No one can dispute that even a small, cast-iron pot has a heft to it that no other cookware has. Nevertheless, cast-iron cookware has a place in today's kitchens, and that doesn’t mean simply hanging on the wall for decoration. Cast iron has much to offer modern-day cooks; it's easy to use, easy to care for, economical, versatile, and durable, and let's face it, it has a nostalgic appeal that no other cookware has. But more compelling than all those reasons is...

Cast Iron Cooking
Cast Iron Cooking
Published by Quarry Books 2006
ISBN 1592532373,9781592532377
128 pages

The adage "everything old is new again" is proven to be true once more as evidence of the resurgence in popularity of cooking with cast iron. Celebrity chefs like Emeril, Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, and Alton Brown are touting the virtues and versatility of cast-iron cookware. Now cooking enthusiasts can learn the age-old techniques that have made cast iron cooking a perennial favorite. Cast Iron Cooking describes attributes of cast-iron pans and how best to use them; provides a review of all shapes, kinds, and brands of iron utensils; and explains what each is best suited for. It includes recipes for easy, healthy, gourmet-quality dishes from entrees to desserts made in cast-iron pans. A special chapter covers live-fire and charcoal cooking and grilling with cast iron. (Psst! Cast-iron...

Cooking recipes

Cast Iron Cleaning
Ingredients:shortening, vegetable oil

Johnny Jalapeno's Cast-Iron Blueberry Pie
Ingredients:flour, butter, blueberries, kosher salt, lemon zest, pie crust, sugar, sugar

Baked Chicken Reuben in a Cast Iron Skillet
Ingredients:black pepper, chicken, parsley, hot sauce, vegetable oil, salt, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, thousand island dressing

Cast-Iron Roasted Clams
Ingredients:red potatoes, black pepper, red pepper flakes, olive oil, garlic, clams, tomato, red onions, salt

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What are Some Different Kinds of Cast Iron Cookware?
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Though the cooking properties of cast iron cookware are often preferred, they do have the disadvantage of being much heavier than other metals and are considered more difficult to clean. Oh, cornbread is just the best in an iron skillet! There's no other ...

How to Choose and Buy Cookware
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How to choose and buy cookware set for your home is ... consider if a set is worth the money. Buy the best you can buy for your money. Making the final decision on whether you want stainless steel, cast iron, copper or aluminium is really a personal ...